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  1. Lo2i

    Lo2i Member


    I am New in This Forum
    And I See a Lot Of Tutorials Of How to Connect to A sql server
    using Android

    put no one of any tutorials applied with me correctly
    every tutorial have an error and error

    I Ask Some One And He Told Me You Can't Connect to the SQL SERVER Directly
    you have to using a (web service)
    and I Ask somebody else he told me no you can connect to the SQL SERVER using the (jtds)

    Please Help Me On this Please .....

    Best Regards ,,,

  2. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    You don't necessarily have to use a web service, but you need some sort of interface. You can, for example, use the JDBC apis and your DBMS's JDBC driver.
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  3. Lo2i

    Lo2i Member

    Thanks You jonbonazza.

    Can You Please Give Me Any Tutorial About This

    And Told Me The LINK I Can Download And Instal The JDBC Driver And (How To Use It)
  4. Lo2i

    Lo2i Member

    Up Please :)
  5. Lo2i

    Lo2i Member

    Any Suggestions ??
  6. Kirumbik

    Kirumbik New Member

    Have you tried searching on stackoverflow? There are many good tutorials and links there. I can't post a link here, because I'm new memeber. But try this link - stackoverflow[dot]com / a / 10829223
  7. Lo2i

    Lo2i Member

    Thank You Kirumbik

    I read alot of tutorials from stackoverflow
    but something goes wrong in every tutorial i read

    with knowledge i add a permission to the manifest to access the internet
    and add the jars file to the build path

    and still not working yet :(
  8. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    The JDBC is is a java library, so it is not Android specific. Any JDBC tutorial should work.
    Here is one:
    JDBC - Sample, Example Code

    step 2 in the tutorial will be different depending on what DBMS you are using. Can you provide this information?

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