Please Help Me!!! My Device is not Starting after ROM Backup

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  1. rishi3594

    rishi3594 New Member

    Hello ,
    Firstly I am new here , and even Beginner to Android.
    I purchased Samsung Galaxy Mini/ Pro and installed ROM Manager Premium and Flashed it first.
    After just pressing the "Backup Current ROM" option in the ROM Manager menu, I just got a black screen as if it is switched offf. And now, no button is working including the power button. Please help me ........

  2. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    You bricked your phone. The ROM Manager isn't compatable with the galaxy mini you have to try to fix it with the tutorial found in this forum. Or give it to samsung service center for a repair
  3. rishi3594

    rishi3594 New Member

    Please Link me to the tutorial you mentioned, please
  4. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

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