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Please help me on this Chinese-made device(Stouch)M702VM

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  1. ahmedshaaban

    ahmedshaaban New Member

    Please help me on this Chinese-made device(Stouch)M702VM
    Regarding this device
    I want a firmware
    Even now I can not find firmware Compatible with this device
    this is some info about this device
    android / 4.0.4
    model /M702VM
    BaseBand / 1.5
    Kernal / 3.0.3

    Attached Files:

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  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have moved this thread into the General Tablet Talk forums since you are discussing issues with your tablet.

    Hope this is alright :)
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Almost certain that YingXun is just a trading company, based in Dubai apparently. Manufacturer of this tablet is unknown. In fact there's not much information at all about this one. Which means there's almost no chance of any software updates for it
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  4. parengBok

    parengBok New Member

    a bump on this thread..

    am also in search for this firmware..

    ps: ts, i want to ask what's the previous problem of your tablet?
    have ever tried flashing it with the available a13 roms?
    what's the current status of your phone tablet?

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  5. rushank2112

    rushank2112 Member

    Hey Guys,

    Me too in search for the firmware for this TAB, but i need the stock rom dump. I think parengBok has the Uberizer dump. Please upload it and provide the link.

    One more thing guys this TAB is sold in India by the name of Ubislate 7C+ Edge and I think ahmedshaaban is very much aware of this.

    parengBok, your ROM dump will be of great help to guys like Me, ahmedshaaban and many others.

    Unity is Strength.

    All the best Friends.

    Waiting for your reply.[​IMG]
  6. rushank2112

    rushank2112 Member

    parengBok, I have tried one A13 Firmware and it boots too but touchscreen does not work and Audio is not working after flash. I had to operate it with a USB mouse. My device was bricked after I flashed CWM custom recovery and it was constantly going to Recovery bootloop. I managed to flash it with firmware "wifi 8188EUS sun5i_android_a13-baili1214.img" by using PhoenixCard tool.
  7. rushank2112

    rushank2112 Member

    Hey Guys,

    Here is the link to the firmware for M702VM. Cheers:

    A13_86VM_M702VM_20130302 - Download - 4shared
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  8. manuj singh

    manuj singh New Member

    hi, I have ubislate edge, the ROM you have on shared link it is working fine for my tablet, I have one more issue that is after I flashed this I have issues with no Imei number, how can I add it as I have no infor how to do it. please help me..

    thank you

    i would be happy if you can provide step by step infor to do it.

  9. yozhie

    yozhie New Member

    hello, can u please tell how do i flash this rom?? i tried with phoenix card...but when i insert the card and turn on device it shows an error message...please help me

    Thanks in advance

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