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  1. yashraj021

    yashraj021 New Member

    My Funbook is not starting and when i press the on key it shows the Battery empty sign. even i charged it 1 day and it again shows the empty sign. I Flashed it wit Cyanongen mod 3 days before. Please help me.:confused:

  2. bigheart1710

    bigheart1710 New Member

    very simple
    goto service station and get ur battery replaced....
    tht will take 20days lol
  3. bhearted

    bhearted New Member

    hey !!
    I am also facing same problem...
    if you have got the solution then plz tell me.....
  4. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    if u flashed with cyanogen mod 10 jellybean by karndev
    its got a faulty kernel
    it won't boot if battery empties and the tab shuts down

    u need to reflash ur tab using live suit
    worked for me this way
    and better download cm9 from Christian Troy's thread
    pure cm9
  5. sharath0698

    sharath0698 New Member

    My Funbook is flashed with Cyanogenmod 9. It has been working well for a few months. Today, when I connected my Funbook to my PC, it switched off, it's not switching on since. I tried charging it but in vain. Please find a solution. Thanks in advance.

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