Please Help Me with my newly rooted Prevail w/Gingerbread 2.3.5!

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  1. cowlishaw

    cowlishaw Member

    Hello there... I just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Gingerbread 2.3.5 using a video tutorial and I did all this after doing a factory reset of my phone. Now, I want to utilize the 32 Gb MicroSD card that I paid $50 dollars for. With the rooted phone I have SuperUser as well as busy box. I want to destroy the bloatware on my phone and move all apps (as much as I can) to the SDcard.

    I've learned that you can't move the data/cache files to the SDcard and the app data is still saved to the phone's internal memory!? I'm wanting to piss, cuss and swear because Samsung put such a small mount of memory in my phone that, to me, it stifles the beauty and functionality of Android but I'm stuck with this phone after buying it two weeks ago. It's so Mickey Mouse than they didn't at least stick 1-2 gbs of memory. a few hundred megabytes is super ******ed. Obviously, Samsung wasn't putting the consumer first.. And we all wonder why people are occupying wall street!? :/

    Anyways, enough of the rant... I want to figure out how to move everything to the SDcard and still have a powerfully functional entry Android as this is my first smart phone. If anything, I'll learn how to use and manipulate the Android platform! :)

    Besides moving all the Apps 2 the SD, is there a minimalistic & streamlined way that I could store all the data and cache files on the SDCard as well!? I'd rather not use the phone's internal memory at all, seriously! I would rather hack my way through this phone's SERIOUS limitations and use the SDcard to it's full advantage. I don't give a shit about Widgets. So don't worry about those.

    I would like to use this thread as a resource to build this personal project on and maybe it could be beneficial to other nerds like myself. But I am just a script kiddie and have a lot to learn. So please be patient with me. This is my first Android. And I am learning how to do all this. Maybe I am being forced to learn all this because of my phone limitations. For me, it's a personal portable computer though and I didn't want to get stuck in a two year contract. So any help on hacking this phone to the ground would be excellent.

    My name is Nathan, and I live in Southern Utah. I'm a photographer and a desert rat. My images can be seen here:

    Talking Tree dot Org slash iblog - Tell me what you think!? I'm new to the forum as well....:p

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  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums

    I was ranting about the same thing a little while .

    this is a thread which i wrote some time ago

    Dual Partition SD cards FTW .
    You can partition SD card (with Gparted or minitools Partition Wizard ) and use the second partition to transfer apps
    Then use Link2SD to transfer app(even the non transferrable ones)
    Darktremorrs a2sd (DT a2sd) is another option which also lets you transfer the dalvik cache .
    But I wouldn't suggest you doing that since it may corrupt an app .

    Now the problem is this thread was written for Froyo so Link2SD and DT a2sd worked without hitches

    In Gingerbread the sysinit is disabled so ,both the scripts need to be executed and a hot/quick reboot has to be done at each boot (to access linked apps).Link2SD has that option in the app itself
    For DT a2SD you need to execute the script and enter the commands via terminal emulator
    'stop; sleep 5; start'
  3. cowlishaw

    cowlishaw Member

    Okay, I formatted the SD card... Fat32, Ext2, and Linux Swap, but the phone is not recognizing this. I used minitools partition wizard!
  4. cowlishaw

    cowlishaw Member

    Actually I got it to work properly by fiddling around with Minitools Partition Wizard. Everything works after formatting under "primary" instead of logical! Now I'm just figuring out what to do next? I've got Link2sd installed and now I am looking into ClockWorkMod...

    ALSO: I am very "politically" concerned as to why Boost/Sprint installed Carrier IQ on my phone? I want to find a hack to remove this intrusion into my privacy and I am willing to take the time to learn more about the Android platform in order to weed out these legal rootkits, etc. Any advice on that is appreciated as well.

    Trust me, I'm a noobie, but I'm learning quick! :) It helps when people are very specific. The more detailed, the better! Thanks for the help, Kara.....:rolleyes:
  5. DaddyZap

    DaddyZap Well-Known Member

    Ok here is what I did to get my phone to work awesome. I too when I got my phone learned very quickly that memory is a precious comity. I got my phone 1 day before its release and paid $200.00 for it at Best Buy. I have done lots of research and learned alot about my phone. I was one of the first few to start posting here.

    Put Odin on your computer, You can get Gingerbread Rooted update at same time...
    Get Clockwork Mode. (Best thing you can do.)
    Get CTMod. (This Rom is Stripped, add what you want)
    Get Apps2sd. It works awsome. Best way to move apps to SD Card.

    Although you dont know me. This is by far the best combination to get your phone working like the big boys..
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  6. cowlishaw

    cowlishaw Member

    DaddyZap... I seem to like Link2SD! lol I have a partitioned sd... I did install CMW and CTmod in order to weed out Carrier IQ! Which Apps2SD are you talking about?? Could you provide me a link in the Android Market because there's a few of them. My sd is partitioned for Fat32, Ext4, and Linux Swap! :) Will it work with these formats??
  7. cowlishaw

    cowlishaw Member

    DaddyZap, installed DarkTremor but the warnings this guy throws out really makes me nervous.. saying that this can harm my phone. I sure hope none of these apps are dangerous at all? They are unknown to me. This root power is very deep! I didn't realize there was this much power with Android. Can I continue using Links2SD or should I just chuck that!? lol I'm wondering what to do with this Apps2Sd Darktremor?

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