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  1. zak622

    zak622 Member


    if there is anyone who makes games out there can someone make the oriiginal galaga game plz!!!! i really want it

    Thanks, Zack

  2. zak622

    zak622 Member

    Yea thats the game. can you make it?
  3. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Well I don't really know much about it, i.e. which aliens are on each level, how they move, hero ship caps, end level bosses etc.
    If I knew that I could do it programatically. By this I mean I believe I've got the skills to do it.
    Then there is the time factor... ;)
    Right now I'm starting up another game project so unless you provide some info/research and even find someone to do the gfx, I have to say no, sorry.
    It could be a cool game to do a remake of otherwise...

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