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  1. irfan_same

    irfan_same New Member

    please help me any one after write any castem farmware
    after somtime disply white
    but work perfect with orignal farmware
    i have tired please help

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  2. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Hi , welcome to the forums for the beginning :)

    Btw, can you please elaborate what firmware you did try and the phone bricked ?
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  3. Arya786

    Arya786 Member

    hi ninad ... i have HD ROM 2.7 by you..... after i rooted my phone it is working perfect;y alright bt the display goes white whn the screen goes off ...whn i tried to unlock it, there comes a blank white screen n nothing i can do except taking out the battery n keeping it back..... it is really a very big issue for me i cant keep my phone display on all the time n pls help n i really appreciate your help.....pls reply me asap.......thnks in advance
  4. Arya786

    Arya786 Member

    pls can you help me as my battery draining alot after rooting and updated to HD2.7 ICS
    ......white blank screen making me head aches n pls make me out of it n pls help me ,,, i reflashed my phone bt still same

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