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  1. aqatei

    aqatei Member

    i bought flytouch 3 for a great price and everything was ok , i updated the firmware to 'tim6a' and was very impressed until the charger started to act gay so i bought another charger which was supposed to be same voltage "5v" , anyway when i plugged it in the tablet i heard a noise and smell but the tablet was still working fine but won't charge - so i took it to some electricity guy and when he checked the DC was working fine and he managed to fix the stock charger but it won't charge anymore so i assume the charging circuit or whatever on the motherboard burnt please anyone who can help fixing this don't hesitate to reply its urgent... thank you :)

  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    If you have had the mains power supply checked and it is working correctly but the tablet now wont accept a charge then the circuitry inside the tablet has been damaged. There are posts with pictures showing a blown capacitor on the pcb following a reverse connected psu, and that may be what has happened in your case, but the only way to be sure is to open the tablet up and have a look for the damage.

    You also need to ensure which voltage flytouch you have ..look on the ORIGINAL charger, see if it is 5 volts or 9 volts output. The centre pin should be positive and the outer sleeve negative.


    The 476J marking makes it a 47uF 6.3volt surface mount tantilum capacitor
  3. aqatei

    aqatei Member

    hey , thank you for your kind reply i already have seen the posts you are talking about and yes its the 47uf capacitor that blown , i took it to a good electricity guy and he replaced the two capacitors thanks god its working now but the battery drains very fast im running tim6a ROM and the original charger is 5VOLT im looking for a new charger tho, oh and when i opened the ft3 it had only one battery with 5300mAH
  4. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Glad you got it working again. If you get stuck you will find replacement chargers on ebay or ************. MAKE SURE you specify the 5 volt version :D:D

    a 5300mAh battery should give you around 3 to 4 hours use.. possibly a little more depending on wifi,gps and battery quality.....

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