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please help ! .. my phone unable to detect SIM.Support

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  1. scorpion87

    scorpion87 New Member

    Hi All,

    3-4 weeks b4 i update my android version from 2.1 to 2.2 using CM 6.x through clockword.

    Later, I started facing a problem in it my phone automatically reboots quite a couple of times in a day.

    So, i decided to restore phone to original 2.1.

    ANd, thereafter i restore all the factory settings.

    And, Installed various apps from market. Along, with ROM Manager.

    I click on flash clockword recovery in rom manager. ANd Installed clockword 2.5.x .

    After one week My phone facing unusual problem of detecting the SIm. Its, unable to detect the sim nowdays twice & thrice a day. I somehow make it abel to detect sim by restarting. THis problem still persists.

    Please provide permanent solution to this problem.

  2. napyaninja

    napyaninja New Member

    try flashing other open source rom like superaosp 8.6,firefly nightlies

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