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PLEASE HELP! Need help unlocking my LG-C555!!!Support

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  1. bgillrie

    bgillrie New Member

    I recently unlocked my LG-C555 to switch from the telus network it was locked to, to using a Fido SIM card. The unlock was successful, however, now this stupid error pops up every 5 second.

    The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectadely. Please try again.

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, and HOW CAN I FIX IT! I can't even make calls or text... it says no network available.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. sophistikat

    sophistikat New Member

    Were you able to solve your problem; I have the same issue so I download a debugger app so I can see the logs and I noticed this line:
    Even though I have unlock the phone and even tried a hard-reset, the operator code is still tied to Telus. Which is why that messages appears because it still expects the SIM to be have same operator code.

    I am very new to Andriod so I don't know if what I stated is even true or if I can even change that.
  3. Chillus

    Chillus New Member

    Hey guys. I'm also having the same problem on an LG-C555. Did anyone ever find out why this is happening?

    I recently unlocked this phone from the Telus network in Canada and now whenever I put a Virgin sim card in it, I get the "com.android.phone" error.

    I'd sure appreciate any advice anyone has here.

    Cheers in advance ;-)

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