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PLEASE HELP! Need To Transfer .apk 's to system/app and STUCK

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  1. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    hey i am a droid 3 user and recently rooted it for the second time. i am relatively new to this, and i need some serious help. it started off with me being stupid and uninstalling yahoo contacts, which causes the problem of contacts.provider force closing. so with titanium i unistalled that thinking i could reinstall it. i, of course, lost all my numbers, and my system wont let me reinstall that or google services framework. im not sure how to exactly transfer the .apk file to my system/app, but i have tried using copy/paste and then installing it from there. i always get the application not installed error using root explorer. what should i do? what should i try? i've been researching for hours, and my phone can't do much. is it a problem with permissions? how should i do this correctly? :confused:

  2. jlmcmahon

    jlmcmahon Well-Known Member

    I know links2sd lets you change user apps to system apps.
  3. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    Thats the thing i cant get on android market..and i cant even install the .apk to anything. I can transfer the file but not install it
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    You may want to SBF back to stock and start over. Assuming that you accepted the recent OTA to the 906 system version, your best bet is to look at this thread: [6-7-2012] .906 to .890 SBF *UPDATED* - xda-developers

    And, as you learned the hard way, Titanium Backup (which is a great app) does not backup system apps like it backs up user-installed apps - it just backs up the data, assuming that the system apps will remain in place. See this FAQ from Titanium Backup: Titanium Backup Technical FAQ | Titanium Track

    If you want to remove apps, the best thing is probably to use Titanium to freeze the apps. If you have Safestrap or Clockwork Recovery installed, you can also create a Nandroid backup just prior to removing apps, so you can restore if you find yourself with a problem.

    Good luck.
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  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    By the way, I'm really rusty on all this - it's been a long, long time and another phone since I've tried moving apps using Root Explorer or adb - but after you move the apps to /system/app, are you changing permissions to 644? (Or, owner read and write, group read, others read).
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  6. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    What is SBF and ODB or whatever and 906 system? So is there a way i can get the .apk to system apps? My play store suddenly started working again btw. What would happem if i did a system restore? What would it remove? What could i backup and reinstall? What is adb? Sorry im just super mew and stuid.
  7. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    Okay so i first had the. Apk file in my sd card then i moved them to system/app and i then deleted the orginal in the sd card so they were only in system app. The permissions are correct in both but wont install. What about special permissions?
  8. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    To make a user app to a system app, you can use TiBu. Just long press it and hit "Convert To System App". That's how I'd do it.

    Also, with your manual move method, double check the owner. It should be either root-0000 or system-1000, whichever the other system apps are stored as.
  9. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    I cant install it in user apps.
  10. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    An SBF file is a file in a particular format that allows you to use a tool called RSDLite to restore your phone to a factory-fresh, unrooted state, with all apps installed in /system/app as they ship. ADB is a part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK); it allows you to use a command prompt (in Windows) or a terminal (in Linux or MacOS) to communicate at a command level with your phone.

    Never mind all of that - first, did you install the over the air update that came out last month? Or, a better question - go into settings->about phone - what is the "system version"? From that somebody can tell you the files that you need in order to restore your phone to stock. You can root again from there.

    (Those of us who have used Android phones for a long time had to learn many of these things just to root the phone. One of the issues with it being so easy to root these days is that it is frequently not so easy to recover if there is a problem, and there are rarely cookie-cutter, simple instructions to follow.)

    Anyway, no big deal - what is the system version on your phone? From that, it should be easier to suggest a next step.
  11. bitchindroid

    bitchindroid Member

    5.6.890.XT862.Verizon.en.US is my system version. with factory reset, what am i able to backup so i can have all my junk still on there?

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