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Please help! No ringer sound.Support

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  1. tlb82

    tlb82 New Member

    I literally just bought this Huawei II yesterday and I noticed almost right off the bat that it is only vibrating. I have no sound, cant hear ringtones when they play, no sound when a call comes in or when I get a text. All the settings seem okay, can anybody help me??

  2. tlb82

    tlb82 New Member

    Okay, I did some reading on here and noticed other people saying they hear the ringtones etc when the headphones were plugged in and thats the problem I am having as well! How do I fix this? I want to hear my ringtones and message alerts without having to walk around with the headphones all day!!
  3. HBaconhausen

    HBaconhausen New Member

    Did you figure out the problem? I'm having the same issue!

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