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  1. freeman77200

    freeman77200 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I was trying to root the phone and I messed up with something. After that the phone got stuck at the LG logo. I tried to flash (i found some random V10D.kdz, i don't know if it is the right one) . after many tries my phone and also my laptop get stuck at 4% during the update. (my laptop hangs at this point, so I cant even move the mouse).

    Pleaseeeeee any one help me. I' new to this and any help is appreciated

  2. YouTu_01

    YouTu_01 Well-Known Member

    have a look at the instructios on how to install CyanogenMod, they include kdz files that actually work and detailed instructions, maybe you're not into installing the rom itself but at least you can reflash it into a working state
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  3. dinomtk

    dinomtk Member

    I'm afraid you are goin to have to take it to the service.. Something similar happened to me when I was upgrading it wit the official LG software, but windows crashed) and i took it to the service n they had to change the motherboard cuz they couldnt fix it other way... I'm afraid your goin to have to do the same. But maybe someone who knows better can help you out without taking it to service because maybe its not the same thing that happened to me. Wish you luck.
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  4. freeman77200

    freeman77200 New Member

  5. LxDroid

    LxDroid Active Member

    well if im right 10d.kdz is corrupt... i tried it on my friends optimus and it had the same thing. b4 CM7 i had to hack the bloody thing and destroy some corrupt code and in a primitive way flash it on... but at least it didnt happen to me =3

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