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  1. rivr

    rivr New Member

    Please help!!!! My photos and videos on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus that were saved in the default folder named "camera" just disappeared. I have the Jelly Bean system and tried everything from using Stellar Phoenix recovery program to try to retrieve them (but the program doesn't recognize my device and doesn't show up) to contacting Samsung support in live chat and have not had any luck. All my other folders still have the photos and videos but the bulk of my photos and videos were saved in the default folder and just disappeared yesterday. The only pictures remaining are the ones I took right before everything disappeared.

  2. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    have you tried navigating to the directory using a file exploring app or by plugging it into your computer?

    I think the directory is:


    Although, not a help at the moment, I STRONGLY recommend using a automatic back-up program like drop-box or google plus. Both of which can upload them to a secure "cloud" location.
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  3. rivr

    rivr New Member

    Thank you Crashumbc....I tried doing that and the photos and videos are not in there. I did have my phone set to back up with my google account....will the photos and videos be backed up as well? Last time I reset my phone and did a system restore it did not restore the photos and videos :'-(
  4. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    Sorry wish I had more Ideas :(

    AFAIK, Google back-up does not restore that data :(
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  5. rivr

    rivr New Member

    After endless googling and searching for solutions to my problem and being told by Samsung tech support themselves to consider my photos and videos lost forever, I think I may have found a solution. First of all because my phone only has internal memory and uses MTP or PTP (cannot be used as USB mass storage mode), none of the photo recovery programs recognizes my phone as a drive when plugged in using the USB cable to my laptop/PC. I downloaded every single recovery program that I found in forums such as this and other forums. None of them recognized my phone as drive and the reason is because it uses MTP or PTP. Not technologically savvy so I can't explain it in technical terms. All I know from everything I read and learned is that my phone uses internal memory (there is no external memory available and it doesn't have partitions or anything like that therefore it cannot be used in a USB mass storage mode and can only use MTP or PTP, which will NEVER be recognized as a drive by programs). So the problem was that all these wonderful recovery programs could not even scan my phone for the photos and videos that disappeared (might I add that I don't know how they disappeared in the first place.....another downfall of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I guess). So what I tried instead, knowing that the recovery programs can scan my entire computer, was to do a FULL backup of my phone using Nexus Root Toolkit and after my phone backup was saved onto my PC, I used the recovery tool (Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery) to scan my entire PC. It is currently in its scanning stage and I am seeing some of the photos and videos so I think I may have found a solution....but will reply once the entire process is done to confirm whether it is a 100% success.
  6. patruns

    patruns Well-Known Member

    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery may be able to recover deleted files, which is what happened to you. That is why a file manager app did not find the files. I wish you luck. Technically a deleted file is still there until the space gets overwritten with another file or files. In the future you may wish to use DropBox or a similar app and upload the ones you want to save as needed. You really don't want to wast storage and leave all of your photos on there anyway. Google+ by default will upload all photos you take but you may not wish to upload every single photo.

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