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    I've had my S4 for under a year, anniversary coming up because it was given to me on my birthday. I loved it. Sadly, today I went to the beach in Myrtle, SC and some douchebag swiped it from me when I accidentally dropped it in the sand.

    I first called my cell the second I realized it was missing (it was a span of 15 minutes between knowing I had it and realizing I lost it). The asshole turned the phone off, my call went straight to voicemail. I frantically searched the immediate area I last had it. A bunch of people were staring at me so I asked around and no one could give me an answer.

    I bumped into some couple looking at something intently in their hands when the guy suddenly threw away what he was holding. I went quickly to pick it up and to my horror, realized it was my drivers license! My phone case doubled as a wallet. I lost more than my phone. With my phone case I had 1 debit card and 1 credit card plus my phone. Big mistake!

    I thought the couple had information where my phone was and asked if they knew anything. They told me they found the ID somewhere in the near vicinity, but couldn't pinpoint exactly where because it was close to where the water meets the sand — a heavy transit area. Too many people, too many possibilities. It's like the whole world was spinning in that moment.

    In a fit of rage, I almost blamed the couple and wanted to demand they return my phone, but I had no reason to blame them. The first logic that struck my mind was that the thief ran off with my phone along with all my bank cards and decided to dump my license ID card to avoid association with my phone. Then my ID card was found and picked up by the couple.

    I reported the phone lost/stolen to beach patrol, filed a report with a local cop and cancelled all my debit/credit cards. I realized that the thief wouldn't turn on my cell phone anytime soon, but I was afraid that if they did, I could incur charges with unwanted calls so I felt the need to tell T-mobile to temporarily deactivate the phone line. As of now it is deactivated.

    I know that tracking my phone would work best if there was some sort of network or Wifi and I am willing to call T-mobile again to reinstate the service if I have to.

    I had a 4 digit passcode on my phone at the time of theft and had the basic (free) Lookout Mobile Security installed on it. Lookout isn't exactly helpful as the device has to be turned on and connected to a signal in order to track the device. I've been tracking it since I arrived home and haven't gotten a signal. Obviously because the thief has not connected it to Wifi or hasn't turned it on.

    I live 4 hours away from Myrtle Beach and sadly, had to go back home and leave my poor phone in the hands of the perpetrator. Are there any savvy folks out there that have had tracking experience and willing to help me get my phone back??!! Anybody know what other options I have??! I'd like to send the thief a message in case they are willing to reconsider, but I don't know how is that possible if the phone is always off and/or they can't access the phone to read messages without a pin code.

    Any advice?


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    I'm sorry that this happened but I doubt there's much you can do about it now. You already reported it stolen and filed a police report. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
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    Police aren't going to go out of their way for a phone. It's up to me to track it down. Some people have been successful. Why can't I?
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    Better pray he/she turns it on then.
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    have you tried using something like android lost?
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