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Please help! StraightTalk: Does anyone know if this phone will tell you when service is out?Support

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  1. AndriodUser2G

    AndriodUser2G New Member

    New here. Just got the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and wondering if this phone will tell you when the StraightTalk service is OUT. Will it stop you from texting letting you know there is no service on it and not send out the text? Reason I'm asking is because I have not refilled the card in over 2 months and I still continue to get service. I'm just wondering if it will let me know or will it send out things acting as if there is still service even though there isn't (had phones do that before.) Thanks!

  2. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    Mine just stops working, no data or calling. I signed up for "Auto Refill" are you sure your not?

    But other then that, I havent seen a way for them to let you know when your service up, but I never checked either.
  3. actionrj

    actionrj New Member

    Call 611 and opinion 3 I think computer will tell you and then mark it on your phone and then the phone will tell you lol jk
  4. Gangreless

    Gangreless Member

  5. GreggWh

    GreggWh Member

    I have one, and an auto txt msg came to mine, letting me know to refill. It did take them a couple of months to figure it out, though. I delayed my refill past the due date twice. the 3rd time, I refilled, it put my service date on schedule, with purchase date ( activation). Just give them time, they will eventually figure it out.
  6. Bill4444

    Bill4444 New Member

    You should get an email and a text message saying you need to refill. If you don't refill then you will not have service. It is strange you are still getting service. You might want to check out straight talk's website under you account and see if maybe you are being refilled automatically through a credit card on file. Hope this helps.
  7. aust1nisnt

    aust1nisnt New Member

    I think you have to registet @ straight talk mobile? Not sure though... After my last st phone and the obsessive reminders I'm fine without the reminders... And I suck at planniing ahead ;)

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