Please Help, tried to Flash phone, Error phone Cannot Reboot.Support

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    Feb 27, 2012
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    Hey Guys, I hope you are having a good day. Mine is not a good one.

    I wanted my experia st15i phone to be back on stock again so I can root it. I am running a .62 firmware. I have read on doomlords thread that .62 firmware cannot be rooted, so I decided to flash it back to the stock phone .368.

    I followed all the step on the flashing on the phone.
    -downloaded the flashtool for experia latest version. Followed the steps
    - installed the necessary drivers -adb, flashtool drivers.
    - then I followed the steps to flash the phone

    This error came up (see Attachment) after that I haven't been able to turn on my phone since then. Even If I tried again, still comes up the same error.

    BIG PROBLEM! My phone now cannot be turned on, it keeps getting back to flash mode whenever I connect it to the computer.

    Please help!:(:(:(:(

    I am sorry but I only follow steps throughtout the flashing method, I don't know if I had to unlock my bootloader before I flash it, or root it.

    Please help, I am currently researching now If I can turn back my phone again.

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