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Please Help. Unable to connect to globe prepaid internet.Support

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  1. dissonant123

    dissonant123 New Member

    I recently bought a galaxy 5. Despite the APN settings globe has given me I still can't connect to the the prepaid internet. Is it my old simcard. my phone or is there some other apn setting out there?

    Thank you

  2. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    try leaving APN type blank
  3. jedongmaster

    jedongmaster Member

    nothing. been searching threads and no one can answer this inquiry...

    i think we need the step by step settings globe uses - i tried customer service and as expected, they DON'T KNOW.
  4. dalzonad

    dalzonad New Member

    Hi, i just bought SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE... my wifi is ok and apps are working like fb app and twitter... my 3g also is working with the settings Globe had sent me....but i can only do browsing.... pano po kaya na gagana rin un fb and twitter app pag naka globe 3g lng?.... pls help...pati po android market not working e.........tnx..
  5. yansie02

    yansie02 New Member

    @dalzonad we have the same problem.
    my apps are working properly when im using wifi but when i switch to 3g i cant use it.
    well before the storm(pedring) i can use it but now i cant.. OTL

    i really hope Globe will be able to fix this.

    any suggestions? thanks

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