Please Help w/ Tinder :SSupport

  1. JamesGDeWitt

    JamesGDeWitt New Member

    So I have an Android Galaxy Ace Style, Model Number: SM-S765C with 4.3, I downloaded Tinder today in hopes of finding someone close to me as I'm new in town. I have the most updated version of Facebook/Tinder on my phone and I double checked in myapps to see. When I go to edit my photos it gives me the error: No photos could be found. I have searched for 2hrs now on a fix and tried every single thing I could find on google. I've disconnected it from my Facebook apps, rebooted and accepted the permissions a hundred times, tried logging out several times both Tinder/Facebook and accepting the permissions again. I even made another FB account to see if it would work that way.. I've made sure my phone can sync between apps, I've gone into developer mode and made sure that apps did not end after exiting. It's truly frustrating and I joined this forum just to have this question answered. :S Please help a guy in need.


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