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  1. marioskater

    marioskater New Member

    What is device management it is eating up my battery every second its in use for every second my phone is on. Is it spyware? There is an arrow pointing north and south, does that mean its getting info from my phone and sending it out?

  2. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member

    Hey marioskater:

    Device Management has been a running service on my Exhibit 4g from the very day I brought it home. I think it's a necessary service - and there's plenty of other running services that run every minute your phone is on too... ignore most of those. I've played with battery managers and program managers - and my experience has been that if you just let the phone do it's own thing, run the way it's supposed to run, and let it get used to 'your' way of using it, your battery life should begin to extend itself. That's been my experience. Don't use any third party management programs to help extend your batt life.

    If you're really ticked off about the battery and if you don't use the internet too often, or need the fast speed of 4g ALL the time, then you can turn it off - especially while you are asleep. To do this, I installed a little free app that has a widget that I keep on my home screen called "Battery Status Widget - free" by Android Apps - and when you click on the widget, it brings up a screen where you can select "3G & 2G" - select it and it opens up your phone's "Mobile network settings" - click on the arrow next to "network mode" and select "GSM only". It will tell you that you have to accept data being turned off or something, tell it that it's ok (it starts right back up anyway). To turn 4g back on, do the same thing, but choose "Auto-CDMA/GSM", which is the one that it should be selected to initially.

    Once you turn off 4g, your phone will no longer display 4G, it will display an E in your status bar. (you can probably find "Mobile network settings" somewhere in all the phone's menus, but I couldnt find it quickly... I like the widget, and it seems like a fairly fast way to switch radios.)

    The savings in battery life is extreme. Maybe doubles the life. And the only downside is slower downloads and internet. Text msgs and phone is the same... MMS is slower. But, even if you did this only at night, you would save a lot of your battery life. If I'm careful I can get more than three days out of my battery - if I don't text or make calls.

    The other thing that eats your battery is your Display. Make sure you select the lowest brightness that you can accept. If I'm home, I can usually live with it completely turned down. But, then, I keep my house dark most of the time. Once outside, it's not readable. (turned off auto brightness too)

    Hope this helps in some way.

  3. marioskater

    marioskater New Member

    I know the phone is incredible i think its the best droid because its small and amazingly powerful. But now i lose one percent of my battery per minute. This is new and it has never been lild this before.
  4. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    device management has been around since the behold 2. it used to store a backup of your system partition. I don't know what it does now but it's definitely a core samsung system app

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