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please help with netelos showcaseSupport

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  1. mkellam

    mkellam New Member

    ok I am learning about rooting and roms and things of the sort but still a noob. I tried to root my netelos wireless galaxy s showcase from netelos and everything worked out except that I lost my data connection completely and I have since read that this is a very common problem. I have tried multiple different fixes that I have found online but none of them have fixed it. Currently I have it hooked up to Kies mini to try to get the phone back to netelos with an update and that seems to have been a mistake also. the phone has been on the screen with the yellow triangle for over a hour and is still on 8%. did i just brick my phone? If not is there a fix or is it time to accidently break my phone and get a new phone through insurance? Any help at all would be great.

  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    Not sure.
    But something about backing up the stock ROM first (you did, right?) allows you to recover back to stock.
    But I'm not sure.
    Someone can probably save you tomorrow, though. These folks are geniuses.
  3. kdw1933

    kdw1933 Member

    Same here. I was updating to 2.3.5 and when my screen got stuck in a cellphone-caution sign-computer. Like it is in download mode. Need help too???

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