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  1. slashgoldtop

    slashgoldtop New Member

    I absolutley hate that there is no sd card to this phone. what is worse is that to access data from the phone when plugged into a computer you must tap an icon on the phone that pops up when plugged in. the reason this is bad is because I recently shattered my phone and I am now unable to get any if my data because the display and touch screen are both destroyed. so, is there any way(other than replacing the screen) that i can get my data off? gonna suck if I need to shell out a shit ton of money for some data, also gonna suck if I lose all of the data. so ANY suggesstions are appreciated. Thank you.

  2. nonoapple

    nonoapple Well-Known Member

    same issue with me, and when i tap the icon it says "system ui" not responding
  3. driftinanomaly

    driftinanomaly Active Member

    As long as you had android debugging checked, you can use adb from your pc to access your phone and "pull" the info off of it. You will have to have adb installed on your pc to try. I am not an expert, but that is your best chance. Google for guides.
  4. luciddream1

    luciddream1 New Member

    If you have recovery installed, reboot into recovery. You can mount from there and pull your data

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