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Please Help!

  1. Twincam

    Twincam Member

    I have searched on here and googled etc, but im still having, trouble with htc sync, surprised to hear that i bet? lol.

    Ok here is the deal no matter what i do sync won't work. I have windows xp [sp3], and whenever i download and install htc sync and start htc sync i plug the phone in and the windows driver install program pops up, which can't find the drivers, even if i point it to them, and even if i ignore it htc sync does not work.

    I have tried uninstalling everything and installing again, i have clicked debug mode on the phone, but nothing, i even tried an older htc sync version [which i uninstalled], but nothing.

    I would try installing htc sync from the memory card, but i was given the phone for free without one, its a orange branded one if that makes any difference, im at my wits end lol.

    I have read so many guides etc but alas nothing

  2. Twincam

    Twincam Member

    forgot to say, that after i install htc it never asks me to reboot ether, which seems odd.
    And when i uninstall htc sync, the words in the uninstall box are all squares???

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