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  1. Shy girl

    Shy girl New Member

    I have just got this phone and will be very depressed for the next 24 months unless someone can help me????!!!! The settings are all grey - no colour in messages etc - how can I change these?

    Thank you:confused:

  2. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    Try searching the market for themes, skins, etc?
  3. shadik555

    shadik555 New Member

    i tried to look for it too but nothing
  4. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    there's a custom rom out, shouldn't be long before they allow some customization, I think.
  5. maneff

    maneff Member

    Well you can't do that.
    This is one of the biggest differences between apple phones and androids. Androids just make it clear and dark, with no images. This saves resources/battery/etc. I am not sure but you can't change that before rooting your phone and hacking it with an edited roms or settings. So.. for now, forget about this :)

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