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  1. tich

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    Hi guys I recently have my phone getting very slow speeds, It's a Galaxy S 4G and the top speed is 0.12 Mbps, it doesn't matter which server I use to test is always the same thing I am on simple mobile and my data plan is still functioning well, like yesterday speeds were normal, like 5.00mbps or 8mbps but after that. It just slowed down and it doesn't get back up!, What would it be?.My phone is brand new and has been working like a champ for weeks. when I use wifi is really fast but with the cellular data I have this issue.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Try setting it to 3G only. It may have switched to GSM connection. By default phones are configured to dual mode GSM/HSDPA. If HSDPA signal becomes half that of GSM, the phone switches signals. GSM have an average of 200kbps internet connection.

    Go to Menu>Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks>switch to WCDMA only.
  3. pastafarian

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    I'm not familiar with Simple beyond that they're a Tmobile MNVO. I'm moving this to the Simple mobile section in hope that it finds an answer. Good luck!

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