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  1. charla22

    charla22 New Member

    hey guys, I need some help, yesterday I went into my settings and managed running services, I clicked o. pretty much everything that was running in the background and clicked on clear data. now that I did that the slider on the home screen to unlock the phone is gone. I tried to set a password but the home screen just won't lock now.
    also when I turn off my phone and turn it on again my live wallpaper is gone and becomes a light blue background and I have to go to settings to reaply my live wallpaper,
    can anyone help me fix this? what did I do? is my only option to do a factory reset?

  2. chichibud31

    chichibud31 New Member

    why would you that..boredom ?..whatever settings were saved for those apps were deleted when you select clear data..yes, a factory reset should set it right..

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