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  1. shankaden

    shankaden New Member

    I just bought the zte score a month ago and it already messes up numerous times. The main problem I'm having at the moment is it won't boot up when I turn it on. It just continously goes to the start up screen over and over. This has happened to me before and it started to work within 3 hours but this time it won't. I need my phone to work because I'm a mother and my son is with his father so he needs to get a hold of me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  2. mightydog

    mightydog Member

    Cricket tech support told me that turning the phone off, removing the battery and then putting the battery back after a few seconds fixes most problem with the Score.

    Let us know if that works.
  3. shankaden

    shankaden New Member

    I've tried that a million times it still won't work. I mean before when it did it, it finally turned on within 3 hours but now it's been like 3 days. I just need it to work for like a week or 2 then I'm getting a new phone when I get money for one.
  4. mightydog

    mightydog Member

    Mine came with a one year warranty. Didn't your's?
  5. bonghit08

    bonghit08 Member

    Hold the volume down key amd camera button then turn on phone with the power button it will boot into recovery press volume down key go to factory reset then press camera button for enter
  6. bonghit08

    bonghit08 Member

    Forgot to add hold volume and camera button till u see zte logo a little android with a triangle above it will show then press menu button to bring up options
  7. Paule Lee

    Paule Lee New Member

    mum, u can download the upgrade tool on the ZTE offcial web of USA and upgrade ur phone. If it won't work, u can call the after sale call center for helping!
  8. JoeInNoviMi

    JoeInNoviMi New Member

    The ZTE Origin – Continuous reboot fix when all else fails...

    -- The ZTE Origin I received in January when I started my service will not boot. Apparently it is a known concern. It only gets as far into the boot-up as the a Android icon then repeats. I have tried removing the battery - still will not boot. Is there a fix?

    -- The assumption is that there is no physical damage to the phone.

    -- In this case it will be necessary to perform a factory reset or hard reset.

    **** All of your phone information phone numbers, address book, added apps, from the time you first started your phone will be deleted. So you best have backup! ***

    -- To start this fix process you will need you to: Press the "power button and the volume down button at the same time" and hold both for 10 seconds (until the Android icon with an exclamation icon appears)

    -- Then tap the "home" icon at the bottom of the screen

    -- Use the up/down button and choose the option "wipe data/factory reset"

    -- Use the volume button for up/down menu selection.

    -- Tap the icon with 3 lines next to the house and use the up/down button to select "yes-delete all user data"

    -- On the list you may see several ‘No’s’ Select 'yes delete all data'

    -- Then tap the icon that says "reboot system now".

    -- For simplicity and to get the phone up and running skip the Google part for now if it comes up.

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