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  1. Vlodec

    Vlodec Member

    That's the message I keep getting when I try to access my Pulse through my PC via a USB port. I've reinstalled PC Suite and updated the drivers from the Vista-AMD64 folder (I have Windows 7 Home Premium and a 64bit AMD chip so it seems the right choice).

    Any ideas ?

    P.S. I've tried a number of different USB ports, no change.

  2. Vlodec

    Vlodec Member

    I feel such a clot. I forgot you have to mount the damn thing first.

    At least it's sorted. Jesus.................
  3. blueseas

    blueseas New Member

    I have the same problem can you explain what to do , please?
    I'm not sure what ''I forgot you have to mount the damn thing first'' means

    thank you

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