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  1. Cruuziin

    Cruuziin New Member

    I rooted my droid x which was running 2.3.4 with the .621 update. all was fine, i had SU. Everything was as should be. Then, I used CWM to put on a custom ROM (MIUI) and I booted into recovery with Droid X Bootstrapper. I installed the ROM from my SDcard, then I went and rebooted. My mistake was to forget to clear data. It wouldnt boot past the MIUI screen. So I allowed someone on MIUI to help me. They seriously ****** up my phone. We flashed to 3 different SBF's, all producing the same error -
    Boot loader
    ERR A5,70,70,00,A1.

    I cannot get out of this screen. I am stuck. PLEASE HELP ME :( This is my only phone for another year.. Please guys I know if there's a way, you'll find it.

  2. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    use 621 dx2 or 604 milestone x2 sbf
    here sd_shadow's list of links for Droid FAQs, SBF, Rooting, ROMs.... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Goawxdx_UBF4Y8lqzHYWf8Ha3yUcRK4faq0UWIlXLWA/edit
    look for ezsbf at www.1kds.tk
  3. Cruuziin

    Cruuziin New Member

    So if I flash to 2.3.4 .621 I should be okay?
  4. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    you can only use those two i posted
    no others

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