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  1. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!
    I hate to say that as development for this phone has died down a little bit, I haven't been posting here and helping out the community. I want to try to bridge everyone together into one simple community where you all can see what the developers are making for our phones without me having to post here to tell you whats new. We currently have a lot going on down at SDX-Developers. Currently, we have CyanogenMod 7 and 9 booting on our Transforms. For those of you who don't know, that is Gingerbread (2.3.5) and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3). Currently, development is being focused on Gingerbread and the ROM is not totally stable yet! As of right now, many things are broken; yet developers such as Qnhoang81 and FilthyPanda have been doing great work that you just have to see for yourself. (Qnhoang81 is the main developer on CM7 and CM9) We have a great thread down at SDX for any questions that you all may have on your phone. Anything from how to root, apply a ROM, a new recovery, a list of all kernels from past and present and a treasure trove of other info that I'm sure your asking about all the time on these boards here at Android Forums is on SDX in one simple thread.

    2.2.2 EF09 Common Thread Links (MD5's & Backups): NEWBS LOOK HERE! 2-1-12 - SDX-Developers Forum

    I wish that I was still able to help everyone out on here like I was doing about a year ago. I'm glad I could help so many people, but if you still need my help, my name is the same on SDX and it is here on the Android Forums. Shoot me a message if you need some guidance or have a question. Almost all 660 (and some) of my posts on these forums have been used to help answer questions and create guides for only the Transform alone, and I plan on continuing to help however I can. Come visit me and Cooper271 (Known as King_Cooper on SDX) in the Transform threads. We'll see you all there, and thanks for understanding everyone.

    SDX-Developers Forum - Index

    Signing off,

  2. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    First, I would like to apologize for not being active on here. These forums died down a TON, and it simply got boring for me. Plus, I got a job, my college classes started, and wrestling started so I haven't had much time. My volume down button was also broken so there was no modding of my phone for me :p.

    I completed the transition to SDX as well a few weeks, just now created my account though. Feel free to PM me with any questions, however if you want a quick reply PM me on SDX.

    As a side note - I highly recommend the Transginger on crack ROM. I started reading up on Android development and have made a few simple apps, I would like to move on to ROM's soon, so keep an eye out for anything coming from me! I'll have the Transform until at least November, so you can count on me to be around.
  3. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Bump. Please read this guys. This is all very important.

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