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  1. Petegunns

    Petegunns Well-Known Member

    Thought that while we wait on the technical processes to materialize under the hood for our Hydro, we could share what configurations have worked the best for us thus far. Perhaps we could break it down into the following 8 categories with the apps that have proven useful:

    1. Communication (Phone, text, email, chat):

    2. All things Media (Music/Movies):

    3. All things Photo:

    4. Files/Sharing:

    5. Root Tools:

    6. Appearance & Customization (including launchers):

    7. Games/Novelty:

    8. Battery Conservation:


    My basic prefs (does not include all apps):

    1. exDailer & contacts (ICS dark theme); goSMSpro; K-9 mail

    2. MediaPlus (very basic imitation stock player with a minimal widget & capability to function as a lockscreen widget); MX player

    3. Camera FV-5 (if you are a camera function control freak); pixlr exprrss & snapseed - two of the better photo editing options, with pixlr getting the slight nod.

    4. Solid Explorer (best file explorer on the market for at least my needs - incorporating root access FTP server setup & Dropbox sync capabilities); Airdroid is a fantastic concept, yet annoying clunky at times.

    5. Rom Toolbox (compiles many functions into one app); Titanium; SD maid; Pimp my ROM (careful with the tweaks you choose to enable) Autokiller Memory Optimiser Pro with minfree settings adjusted to "strict" - other than that, I don't apply any of this apps tweaks, since "Pimp my ROM" has them covered.

    6. Holo launcher ("Metro Station" & "Minimalist" icon packs); MultiPicture Live Wallpaper (for enabling a different picture on each screen); WidgetLocker; Zooper Widget Pro; BobClockD3; Beautiful Widgets; Power Toggles

    7. "Stick Tennis" is my lone entry, although there are many that run well on the Hydro...

    8. JD Ultimate with advance mode & individual apps configured for connectivity. Also Watchdog Task Monitor helps me to id RAM hogging apps - which helps with battery conservation as well

    Looking forward to comparing notes :)

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  2. blaqueknight

    blaqueknight Well-Known Member

    1. Handcent SMS
    2. MX Player Pro and Google Play Music
    3. QuickPic
    4. Root Browser
    5. Titanium Backup Pro
    6. Zeam Launcher
    7. None
    8. None

    I like to keep it pretty minimalistic. I deleted Live Wallpapers, Bluetooth Share, Browser, Eco Mode Email, Exchange Services, Gallery, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Search, Google+, Home Screen Tips, Launcher, Live Wallpaper Picker, Maps, Messaging, Mobile ID, Music Visualization, News and Weather, Street View, Swype, Talk and Talkback. I also use Opera Mobile, Tapatalk and Tether. My phone is working great with this configuration so far.
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  3. Petegunns

    Petegunns Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing; I'm curious to know how much battery life you get? Zeam is tops for minimal setups. You might try this one as well...
  4. sirslayerjr

    sirslayerjr Well-Known Member

    1. gVoice and current caller id....
    2. Super video
    3. camera ics
    4.bluetooth files
    5. kernel tuner, no lock, vm heap tool no frills cpu, chainfire
    6. lol mobile id eye cam, myphone explorer, pdanet 3.0, metal dectector, gps status, wifi map maker, superuser elite, exoplanet explorer and gta3 but freezes 10 min into the game
    8. eco mode
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  5. sirslayerjr

    sirslayerjr Well-Known Member

    i forgot to add this note, i got my msl number from boostmobile(contact support via emailed) site and enabled 4gv vocoder and evrc-b... calls are more clear to me so far
  6. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

    Stock dialer
    Sliding messaging pro
    Official Android 4.2 keyboard
    MX player pro
    Quick pic
    Es file explorer
    Titanium backup / su + supersu
    SD booster
    Lightning browser +
    Lmt launcher (pie controls)
    Busy box pro
    Apex launcher pro (tablet ui)
    Stock camera
    Adobe Photoshop touch
    Quick office
    Adobe flash
    Netflix (light mod)
    Advanced task killer
    AIVC pro
    Nexus torch

    Launcher behavior (gesture controls)

    Swipe down: open app drawer
    Swipe up: expand notifications
    Swipe down two fingers: launch app killer
    Double tap home screen: launch nexus torch (flashlight)

    Theme: Android 4.2 skin and font. Stock icons. Paranoid Android lwp.

    All apps have been converted to system apps.

    If anyone needs any help or would like to request an app email me at I will be happy to oblige. Do not request paid apps. I will however provide their free versions.
  7. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for the tip on Xperia, I used to use it all the time on CTMod Rom on the Marquee and Transform Ultra I had before... :D
  8. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Where can I get the Official Android 4.2 Keyboard from??
  9. theminor19

    theminor19 Well-Known Member

    If you use a task manager right before starting the game it will play a lil bit longer. I had this on my hydro for a good while and had probably 6-8 hours of gameplay logged. Just a friendly tip.
  10. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

    my dropbox. link connects directly to download.

    Installing issue:

    when going to install this keyboard you it will have the intention of installing this over the stock 4.0 keyboard. I was never able to accomplish that. Considering that I did intent to write over the original, I went through this processs.

    Obviously must be rooted, and have Titanium Back Up (maybe Pro not sure)

    Create Back Up to Stock Keyboard
    Force uninstall Stock Keyboard
    Install apk of 4.2 keyboard
    While in TBU convert 4.2 keyboard to System App
  11. Midnight_Moon

    Midnight_Moon Member

    File no longer exists. Could you re link? Thanks :)
  12. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

  13. Petegunns

    Petegunns Well-Known Member

    Speaking of keyboards, either iTap or Kii seem to be superior to the android system keyboard imo...
  14. Midnight_Moon

    Midnight_Moon Member

  15. Kritter888

    Kritter888 Well-Known Member

    i have the Kyocera rise not hydro but i check on you guys every so often because of the similar software ive heard weve had but there is some diffrences too , but i will mention i did use the 3g build prob tweaks from zeppelinrox because seems sprint towers are slower then any other for data & iam pretty pleased with it, i use option fastest known & exsperimental 1 on the speeds but that's the only tweak ill share cause i don't wanna say that all rise tweaks will work for the hydro at all & cause a bricked phone for anyone just read the thread and use script manager or smanager , make su but not for boot but ya read his thread and iam not a android pro so i only used 3g tweaks iam to chicken to play with anything else

    my results look like this

  16. cwmajor

    cwmajor Member

    TY for the tip on the Xperia launcher! I love it, even ditched Nova Launcher for it.
  17. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

  18. sirslayerjr

    sirslayerjr Well-Known Member

    ill give it a try thank you...
  19. lookimback

    lookimback Well-Known Member

    1 Communication: stock

    2 Media: Muve Music, nothing for video. Download too slow for me.

    3 All Things Photo: CamTimer, Aviary, Photo Editor, Photoshop Express, Picasa Tool

    4 Files/Sharing: FX file explorer, FX text editor, Drop box

    5 Root Tools: Poot, Minstro2, Superuser (no PC required)

    6 Appearance/customization: System Tuner, Titanium Backup

    7 Games/Novelty: Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Sonic The Hedgehog,

    8 Battery Conservation: stock but need something better.
  20. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

    My suggestions.

    Quickpic. MX video, es file explorer cupcake. SD booster. Voltage control. Music app Apollo. Equalizer type DSP.

    Use them to replace what kind of application type it rivals
    If you need any of them pm me and I'll send you a download link.but most can be found in the play store.
  21. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

    I would also highly recommend getting and running a smart install with busybox

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