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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gohlool, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Hi everybody,

    Since the last 5 days, I am a happy owner of a SGS and first time Android user!

    Everything is straightforward and easy to find out, but there is something that I am not able to figure it out ;-) and that is the Calendar!

    A) Well, I used Google Calendar to create All Day Event (Birthday) and let repeat each year and add a pop-up reminder set to 5 hours before! All the entries are wonderfully synced with the Phone.

    B) I also created a basic Google Calendar entry (not a All Day Event) with a pop-up reminder set 5 minutes before.

    Ok, B) is perfect and everything works great! Since here you define a start time and an end-time in the event. So If I set start time 18:00, I get a notification (sound + status bar Item) at 17:55.

    A) Is a big question for me! Well, I have an entry in my Google Calendar set 30.07.2010 + All day event + repeat every 1 year + pop-up reminder 5 hours before.
    My understanding, All Day events will be fired at 17:00 O'clock the day before. So if I set 5 hours before, that should mean: 12:00 pm O'clock. Right? It didn't work for me! I got my first reminder at 21:00? I already checked my Time Zone settings both in Phone and Google Calendar! Everything looks good.

    I also noticed if editing the reminder on the phone and set to Minutes, the maximum value that one can set in it, is 99? Over the web-interface, you can set the value as what ever you like!

    I've a general question: Why is it not possible (both in SGS and Google Calendar) to set a Date and Time for reminder, like I did in my Nokia 5800 (symbian)? How comes that Android didn't implement something so trivial and important function?

    anyway, I really would like to hear some tips and tricks (with out using a App/widget) which would help me to use the build in Calendar like I used in my Nokia 5800!

    Thanks in advance,


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