Please someone help i have deleted the stock messaging app and can no longer recieve mms messagesSupport

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  1. amber083070

    amber083070 Member

    I have a rooted samsung gravity smart running on andrioid 2.2.2 i have the original rom in and dont know anything about flashing or nothing. I have the sms app "go sms" and then deleted mty stock app off. I dont know how to get it back and i didnt back up my files. i would really love to recieve picture messages again but go sms wont reicieve them with out the stock messaging! my phone has been this way for about 6 months now :( SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIX IT!

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    It should really be a rather simple fix. I do not have your device, so hopefully this will still work for you, but def double check that you can actually complete the steps I outline below.

    Download whatever stock ROM you are on and put it on the phone.
    Reboot into recovery and wipe only dalvik cache and cache. Flash the ROM

    You will not lose any data and your messaging app will be back.
  3. amber083070

    amber083070 Member

    thats the problem i dont know how to do any of this :( i need someone to walk me through it...

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