Please Tell Me how good/bad is the pro?

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  1. gaurav410

    gaurav410 New Member

    If you own a Motorola droid pro please answer me.
    I am thinking of buying the Motorola Droid Pro.
    Just Wanted to know the pros and cons of the device.
    1. How is the touch screen? Does it make working easier or not?
    2. How is the battery backup?

    I am currently using a Nokia E71 and love the qwerty form factor.
    the E71 currently gives me 12-16 hour battery backup with my usage.
    Have chubby fingers so can't go for just a touch screen.

    pleeeeeeeeease help me out.
    Thanks :)

  2. Lucky Eddie

    Lucky Eddie Member

    I have had my Pro for ten months and have been a big fan. The touch screen is great and I can't imagine not having a touch screen. The Pro screen is smaller than other Android devices because of the real keyboard, but if you don't want to use virtual keys, that's your tradeoff.

    I like this keyboard a lot. The keys have good definition between them, and a solid feel when pressing. I came from an old Palm Treo, which had the best keyboard I've ever felt. The Pro KB is more compact, and it took me some time to adjust. The voice recognition is also a data input plus on which I hadn't counted. It does great with text, email, and hands free, provided you are not out in the wind, in a loud environment, or speaking complex words or names.

    I typically get 12 hours battery life with moderate use. I don't do many voice calls but have a lot of text and email throughout the day. I currently push 6 different exchange email accounts, and 2 POP accounts popping every 15 minutes. There are a lot of different things one can do to increase battery life; check other forums. One tip, for better battery life, DON'T install a task killer, regardless of what the phone salesperson says.

    My wife had a Droid 2, and my son has an iPhone. They are both tanks (IMHO) compared to the feather weight of the Pro. For some, the Pro might not feel "solid" enough, but I'll take light over solid any day.

    The camera is so-so, but that's not why I got the Pro. I was basically looking the closest thing to a Blackberry that was running Android OS, had a real keyboard and touch screen. I have not been disappointed.

    Hope this helps you.
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  3. gaurav410

    gaurav410 New Member

    Thanks Eddie...
    Ur reply has been very helpful.

  4. gutted

    gutted Well-Known Member

    I've had the Pro for about a month now.

    I have found the Pro to be better than I was hoping. The keyboard almost scared me away but I've gotten used to it after only a week of use. The feel is good and the autocorrect saves me 90% of the time from mistakes.

    The touchscreen is responsive and precise. The screen quality itself I honestly think is worse than my Ally but it is still good.

    The phone is light and feels good in your pocket. That is to say you barely feel it.

    The camera, as mentioned, is a little disappointing. In daylight I think it takes really good pictures. In lowlight it takes really bad pictures. I can't tell if this is because of the silicone case I have on it, or not. I haven't taken it off to try to take pics yet. The lack of a physical camera button is one thing I don't particularly care for.

    Battery life has been way higher than expected! The Pro is more powerful than my Ally was and yet the battery lasts much longer. Mine can make it through a typical work day on one charge. That's with surfing the web, texts and emails. If I use it to play music I may have to plug it in for a few minutes.

    One thing that scared me the first day I got it was how warm it gets. This phone gets very warm with use and sometimes while charging.

    The call quality is very good and the speaker phone is good.
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  5. coloreze

    coloreze New Member

    I have had the Droid Pro since the beginning of 2011. After my Incredible got run over, I switched to the Pro due to battery issues with the Incredible. My first Pro was defective, as was my first Pro battery, but after Verizon swtiched out both, the unit has been reliable, with much better battery life than the Incredible. I almost always get a full day of with moderate usage. I carry a spare battery business trips wwhere my usage is up significantly.

    I hav found two apps help with battery life:
    Battery Info
    Android Assitant

    Key board is functional, but I don't like the keys compared to my old Palms. But I am more accurate with teh Pro keyboard than I was with the Incredible virtual keyboard.

    The screen is awful in direct sunlight. the newer phones have much better screens. The newer phones are faster as well.

    I do like the size and the weight of the Pro.

    In general, it meets my needs, and with 2 international business trips coming up, I am looking forward to taking advantage of its Global capabilities.
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  6. txa1265

    txa1265 Member

    I have had my Droid Pro for about 6 months now, and I very much enjoy it. I bought it to replace an original Droid, but wasn't sure how I would do with the smaller screen. It definitely lessens the gaming and ebook usability, but that isn't an issue for me. I love the keyboard, the speed is solid, and the overall quality is very high.

    It uses the identical battery as the original Droid, which is good and bad ... good that I have a backup, bad that it is a one-day battery.
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  7. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    I love my Pro. Best phone I've ever owned.

    You'll probably get a lot more information on how people feel about the Pro in one of the many threads that already exist here where people have pretty much asked the same question you did. This one probably has more information than most of them:

    Browsing through the various threads in the forum is always one of the best ways to get a lot of information on a phone (especially on a phone that's been out for awhile like the Pro). Chances are, most of your questions have already been answered, and better yet you'll find answers to things and information you'd never even think to ask about.
  8. gutted

    gutted Well-Known Member

    I would just like to update my review. After having it a few more weeks and using the camera on it more I can say that the camera really sucks.

    And no, the protective sticker is not on it still. When the lighting is great, it takes pretty good pics. Other than that they are awful. Don't even bother trying to take any pictures at night. I swear older fliphones took better night pics.

    It's not a huge deal, but considering it's a higher end phone than the Ally it replaced, I was expecting more from it. My girlfriend's D2 takes much better pictures. My Ally took better pictures overall.

    It's not enough to make me not use the phone right now, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't very aggravating.
  9. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Yeah, pretty much everyone agrees on that. The camera is definitely sub-par.
  10. Lucky Eddie

    Lucky Eddie Member

    While I still stand by my "so-so" assessment of the Pro camera, I have learned the hard way that if I change a camera setting (exposure, scenes), it continues to use those settings in later sessions if I don't change them back. The scene setting "Automatic" is worthless. The only thing it does automatically is give me a bad picture.

    Thus, I always have to make sure I have the right scene type selected. If I manually change the exposure, it will stay changed until I manually change it back.

    I was seriously ready to chuck my phone one night after taking some severely underexposed pictures. I had set it to do so a few weeks before and forgot to change it back. The worst part was the chortling of the smug iPhone users I was with. Sometimes the Pro doesn't take the picture I want, but rather the one I tell it to! (hate it when that happens :mad: )

    I have recently taken some very good night and macro pictures after I manually changed the scene type.
  11. gutted

    gutted Well-Known Member

    Macro pics are actually way better than expected for me so far.

    But that's been about it.

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