Please tell me HTC Desire C can snooze properly???General

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  1. JethroUK

    JethroUK Member

    I always used my mobiles as wake up alarm - always pressed "any" button, "any" where to snooze for few more minutes (just like any alarm clock)

    Just ordered HTC Desire C and I'm getting nervous

    Reading leaflet it says to snooze i gotta 'slide' sumink somewhere

    If I'm awake enough to slide anything anywhere I might as well get up

    Had this problem with an old LG I bought - I reakon the Japanese dont really understand the whoooooole concept of 'snoozing' at all

    Please tell me HTC Desire C can snooze properly

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I'm 99% sure you can. All my Androids have had this capability and I would have a hard time believing that the Desire C wouldn't be able to.
    Welcome to the forums by the way!
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Welcome aboard. Thread moved to the HTC Desire C forum. :)))
  4. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    No need to panic
    set the alarm then when it goes off just press the SIDE VOLUME button either top or bottom
    (these can be configured to either dismiss,snooze or do nothing) via a menu option.
    snooze duration can also be set in 5 min intervals up to 30mins
  5. MrCarrot

    MrCarrot Well-Known Member

    To be honest finding the side volume or power key is not especially easy when you're half asleep. I would have preferred to be able to tap anywhere on the screen to snooze. I guess this could have problems if you use it as an alarm in your pocket, but would be better as a bedside alarm.
  6. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Yes I Know, would have been better just to be able to turn phone over to snooze each time
  7. MrCarrot

    MrCarrot Well-Known Member

    I guess it's not a big deal since I shouldn't be snoozing anyway, so the more I have to do, the more I get woken up which is probably a good thing lol
  8. JethroUK

    JethroUK Member

    You're quite right - I dont think the Chinese 'get' the whooooooole 'snooze' thing at all
  9. mohanmobin

    mohanmobin New Member

    I just uninstalled adobe air, then the videos are working fine in my phone. Also Youtube videos are streaming fine now. Uninstall flash if anything you have installed then check.
  10. filip989

    filip989 Member

    I hope this isn't too late for you, but - download Alarm Clock Extreme! I'm the opposite of you, I hate snooze button, cause I can just go back to sleep and after a few snoozes I don't even hear the phone anymore. This app allows you to set everything. Do you want snooze or not, how you want to be able to "hit" snooze and dismiss. I have mine set at solving math problems. They're simple, but they really do wake me up when trying to solve them when I can't even see properly.

    Anyway, for snoozing you can select various options on how to do it. Pressing screen button (whatever that is), pressing volume rocker, or - and this might be the thing for you - just shaking the phone.
  11. attb2

    attb2 New Member

    On my HTC Desire C snooze is not working.
    When I push Volume-down button: does nothing.
    When I choose Snooze on main screen: not working.
    When I'm in stock Calendar App and click on Snooze: event silently goes away and nothing happens.

    On my other Android phone (Motorola Defy Plus) snooze works perfectly.
  12. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi attb2. It seems there is a bit of problem with the stock alarm app and it's snooze ability. You might go back and read through this thread again. The suggestion of getting a different alarm app from the play store seemed like a reasonable option. It's entirely up to you. Best of luck and I'd like to say.... Welcome to Android Forums. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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