please tell me if this root process is working rightGeneral

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  1. nfsworldpinoy

    nfsworldpinoy Member

    is this root process really working for samsung galaxy ace 2 please tell me cause i wanna root my phone

    and is there a way to copy/backup my real baseband version
    my baseband version is I8160DXLK2

    and the new version i will install is I8160XXLD8

    is that okay or fine, should i encounter any problem when changing their version?

    pls give me info

  2. gavanid

    gavanid Member

    Get root checker from playstore or google it
  3. nfsworldpinoy

    nfsworldpinoy Member

    this forum site doesnt help me alot for me i think 1/5 helps me cause they always say that search in google and i know the root asking for the results if i will encounter any problems if i install this....but anyway i have finished my rooting and it is successful
    thnks anyway for trying to help
  4. nomi49

    nomi49 New Member

    Glad you have done it successfully. I have rooted my phone recently as well. For backing up your stock ROM you should use ROM Manager

    It requires quite a few apps preinstalled including CWM Recovery and a bit lengthy process but I guess it can be relied upon.

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