Please tell me there is a way to turn off "Say 'listen' to hear the message" in car mode...Support

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  1. naspinski

    naspinski Member

    Please help me before I go mad and throw this thing out my car window!

  2. naspinski

    naspinski Member

  3. naspinski

    naspinski Member

    I figured it out - sanity saved!

    For anyone else, you have to be in the stock Car Mode, then in settings, check 'disable STS message reading' (or something like that).

    Your sanity will thank you.
  4. Ag76

    Ag76 Well-Known Member

    How do you get into car mode?
  5. naspinski

    naspinski Member

    When you are in the car dock, there will be a little steering wheel in your notification bar, pull it down then click it. Then go into the settings.

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