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  1. kaz7020

    kaz7020 Member

    Android market problem! Pls help! MY android market application doesnt work. whenever i put something to download it says download unsuccessful. when i contacted android they said ive got a faulty version. wat am i supposed to do? i ve factory resetted the fone,cleared the cache and even updated! but nothing seems to work! im startin to get frustrated now :(. pleeease help me out here...

  2. bill1991

    bill1991 Member

    Hi What Type of Phone/Make/Model do you have.

    What version of android do you have?

    How are connecting to the network? Wifi? 2g? etc..
  3. kaz7020

    kaz7020 Member

    Erm im usin a xperia x10 mini pro. android version 2.1 and i connect through 2G! how may that help ???

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