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Pleez Pleez Help, someone, anyone, i need immediate help pleez, this is urgent

  1. imgunnago

    imgunnago Member

    pleez, lgnpst isnt working, i dont know if i got the right one because everytime i check the "All things root" section of the lg optimus m to downgrade, the links are never up, so i went to google and downloaded one, next, one forum tells me to install all the components, but they wont install, some install fine but others dont, and theres no "models" folder to put my ms690.dll file in, plus when i start lgnpst from the c drive it says something like this, "Could not found .../wnsdrvr.sys", and it wont install some of the generic models, some help will be really appreciated, and i'll give you points or thanks or watever this websites currency of appreciation is. help me with team viewer if you can :(:(:(:(: confused::confused::confused: pleez

  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

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