Plug-in App for Guitarists?

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  1. cooltouch

    cooltouch Member

    My second post to the forum. Originally I added a note to an existing thread that had gone stale -- received no replies. So I'm hoping that I might get one or two replies from a fresh post. If not, then I'll just leave y'all alone.

    I'm a guitarist and I found out from a Guitar Center employee the other day that there are iPhone apps that turn the iPhone into an effects processor/amp simulator. One uses a special cable to jack their guitar into the phone, which allows both the guitar and headphones to be hooked up. Apparently there are apps that support this, supplying various effects processors and amplifier simulators, plus the playing of backing tracks so you have something to play along with as well. Always nice. I've been looking for something like this for Android but so far have come up empty-handed. Just wondering if anybody here might have heard of something similar?


  2. cooltouch

    cooltouch Member

    Thought I should add to this. I posted a similar query over at a guitar forum, and this led me to a discussion at IRig.IT, people who make this app/hardware for the iPhone. Turns out there is a low latency issue with Android that makes this product impractical. That note was posted in February. The most recent post to the discussion was November 29, and apparently according to this poster, there is progress being made, but they aren't there yet. So . . . looks like if I want a highly portable guitar studio, I'm still having to look at Apple products. Sux.
  3. bmr4933

    bmr4933 New Member

    Totally agreed, it sucks. My brother has an iphone and he has Garage Band and Amplitube. Garage band has an amplifier selection. You can choose to play out of Mesa Boogies, Oranges, Voxs, Fenders, etc. You can even choose pedals to play out of (delay, crunch, chorus, flanger, etc). Mad that Droid doesn't have that yet. I think I read the same thread as you did about the latency issues. Maybe, when ICS comes out, those issues will be fixed. In the meantime, you seem to be the only other one looking for an amp kit for your phone. I'll be on the lookout and let me know if you find anything!
  4. cooltouch

    cooltouch Member

    I'm recalling the old Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams:

    "If you build it, they will come."

    Hopefully this will be true with Android apps once the latency issues have been worked out. I may be the only one posting about this, but I'll wager there is a huge untapped market that will respond once the latency issues have been licked such that apps can become available.
  5. snapcase

    snapcase Well-Known Member

    Never heard of such apps for the iphone before... but that would be awesome. If something like that came to Android I'd pay for it. (though it'd never be enough to make me want an iphone)
  6. cooltouch

    cooltouch Member

    Heh, I agree -- I've never been one to fall for the Apple Overpriced Nonsense.

    But believe it, the apps for the iPhone are for real, and they are popular. Just imagine being able to plug your guitar (or keyboard, or mic, or whatever) and headphones into your Android via a special cable that will allow both to connect, then you can access all sorts of amp sims, and effects, and have backing tracks you can jam to, and even record the result. Dunno about you, but even though I'm not at all an Apple fan, I begin to weaken when I read about this sort of portable connectivity.

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