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Plug in my phone and mass storage doesnt pop up

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  1. brownra1n

    brownra1n New Member

    nothings working. i looked at the other threads as well. this just doesnt work for me.

    i just bought a new original usb. every time i connect it to my computer the option to use the mass storage comes up. every time i click on it, it doesnt come up on my computer. no folders, no notifications that i connected my phone on my computer. very irritating. someone please help.

  2. brownra1n

    brownra1n New Member

    found the solution

    went to sprint and they said since i did a service on the phone they forgot to put the phone on pda i think instead of modem
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  3. iviyth0s

    iviyth0s Member

    Alternatively, if you want to change it yourself you can change the default or have it ask everytime.
    Goto Settings>Wireless and network> USB Connection
    It'll let you either default to:
    Mass Storage
    Tethered Mode
    Ask on connection
  4. MrOblige

    MrOblige Well-Known Member

    I was able to fix this issue from another thread. Currently I m unable to find the link but just dial: ##8778# and under the usb setting click pda and restart. Once the phone is plugged in you should b able to find your phone under my computer.

    I am having a new issue. Apparently because I tried so many times to install ad uninstall drivers, unplugging and trying different ports my sd card became damaged. Please help this is a class 10 sd!!!!!!

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