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plz help with my joy tab

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  1. xxjanexx

    xxjanexx New Member

    hi ive bought a gemini joytab and im having trouble with the internet part obv i donot want to run it from my wifi all the time but when i tick portable hotspot it says its active but then when i go to google it says no internet!!! my samsung galaxy phone is fine is this just a rubbish i-tablet or am i doing something wrong?? many thanks jane:)

  2. AngelaE

    AngelaE New Member

    I have just bought a joypad too and exactly the same problem happened. According to the pdf manual - from gemini websit if using a wep key on your encrypted router try changing to a wpa one instead. I started this and when my router was unencrypted connected the tablet with no problem. Tried encrypting with wpa-psk connected fine. Went back to wep and lo and behold also fine. I suggest you temporaril unencrpyt then re-encrypt when you have a connection. This worked for me hope it does for you.:)
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Moved thread to the more appropriate General Tablet Talk.

    The portable hotspot option is for sharing the tablet's own 3G internet connection(if it has one) with other wifi devices, like PCs. It's known as tethering. That's probably why you're getting no internet.
  4. carlhuk

    carlhuk New Member

    I had the same problem but I have now managed to get it connected by trying something slightly different.

    Initially I was going into settings, selecting wifi and then pressing on the recognised wireless network. When I entered the password for the network it would not connect.

    To get it working, I selected Wifi in the settings, and then selected "ADD NETWORK". This showed a list of recognised wifi networks, and when I selected my wifi network I entered the password and it connected straight away.

    I hope this helps! I was getting ready to send mine back, but its working fine now.
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