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  1. bethany66

    bethany66 Member

    Can anyone tell me what this application is? It takes up an incredible amount of space on my phone but I don't see it in my downloaded apps. I am already running out of space and I've only had the phone two weeks. I have moved everything allowed onto the SD card. :(

  2. frg

    frg Member

    = Japanese keyboard input. I have no idea if it is wise to remove it (if even possible without rooting).
  3. bethany66

    bethany66 Member

    It sure would make sense for them to allow you to delete any keyboards you won't be using . . .but that would be too logical, huh?
  4. jalh01

    jalh01 New Member


    I was finally able to disable the PObox keyboard, not sure if it is the best option, but it was really pissing me off... :banghead: ups....

    1- go to settings/app/adm app/all/PoBox Touch
    2- delete data

    thats all..... It worked for me, but please before you do it googleit a litle more.. not sure if it will have a second efect..... or ... something...
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  5. bethany66

    bethany66 Member

    Doesn't that just delete the data, and not the actual app? I am no expert, but I have done that "delete data" for other apps, and the app itself remained. Appreciate you keeping me in the loop about any secondary effects you see!
  6. purge

    purge New Member

    I tried this to remove this one on my rooted neo v.

    I used titanium backup to make the backup and then uninstall it. No problems so far. Japanese IME keyboard entry removed as an option and from the menu. This app kept about 13,5MB at the ROM space!! Now it's gone :D :D

    No problems so far :)
  7. bethany66

    bethany66 Member

    Wow, that's excellent news! How long has it been since you removed it?

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