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  1. Fortuous

    Fortuous Member

    Message me for ingame info, I been playing ALOT!!!! and have worked out a few good strategies for raiding and Conquering also getting good resources.

  2. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    Mattdanielc...are you still playing? I used your referal code and want to know what faction I am or is there another way I can find out. I need some friends, getting a bit bored just building, level 6 now. Anybody out there I can add as buddies?
  3. Fortuous

    Fortuous Member

    Add me I'm on Phoenix though, Fortuous!!!

    8dda referal code, level 5, 48 hours for level 6 :(.

    I conquered loads though, just captured 8 goblins, too easy, going for a swarm next, got an army of around 600 atm.
  4. Fortuous

    Fortuous Member

    Devs, can you make a Research ability to restore your health quicker, I like conquering monsters and can't as always low HP, pisses me off as unable to send spies to get Speed points either as need 5 hp and I only have 4 left.

    This I find is a big flaw as majority will want to raid, at the moment I'm limited to around 2-3 conquers a day and maybe 3 searches or 3 spies. I don't intend on purchasing gems really as don't have a paypal account I can remember the details for.

    Can you add the HP feature to the update on 01/05/10??

  5. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    The devs arent here. Post over at pocketempiresonline.com • Index page
  6. Joelolly

    Joelolly New Member

    Will this game still be free after May 1? Also, does anyone know of a website containing notes about the May 1 release?
  7. Fortuous

    Fortuous Member

    Anyone else getting shitty Entering gates for minutes on end.
  8. The Mil

    The Mil New Member

    Best game on the android market. Awesome game play, customization, community and admin. Message me for tips...Refer me for 100 Gems!! Woo hooo!!

    Server 1 - Phoenix - 3LFX (referal code)
    Server 2 - Dragon - 4I60 (referal code)
  9. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    Thanks but how do I find out which one I am on?

    I have not tried to capture anything yet just raided :D. What does capturing do?

    BTW my game char is Nefert
  10. e2the2nd

    e2the2nd Member

    Pheonix (server 1)

    Ref code: 8mur

    Name: Escco
    on my way to level 8...40+hrs to go

    Pos 441, 434
  11. droidberg

    droidberg Well-Known Member

    Dragon (server 1)

    Ref code: akya

    Name: Thrashamus

    City: Tiamatia

    Pos: 81,53

    Only level 5, but getting the hang of it.
  12. Jas0n

    Jas0n Member

    Just joined up. I'm on beta 2 server, Phoenix (I think) ... how do I make allies?
  13. clawhammerjohn

    clawhammerjohn New Member

    8vx3 is my referral code please use if joining to get extra gems this will help you with upgrading buildings increasing mana and a heap of other stuff it is well worth it I guarantee you
  14. Nick814

    Nick814 New Member

    Hey Androids. add me plz...

    8tiL :)
  15. Droidood

    Droidood Well-Known Member

    Server 2 - Phoenix side

    Code: cnoc
  16. weymouthst

    weymouthst New Member

    Try this game guys, its called pocket empires, search for it in the market.

    When you install, you will register, chose sever 2, chose dragon side, and you will be able to enter a referral code.

    Enter this code: WKMW

    This will give you 100 extra gems, which is a currency within the game that will give you a head start. Gems are important, so be sure to enter the code.

    Give it a try!
  17. ramondraco

    ramondraco New Member

    SERVER 2
    name Ramon
    city DracoKnight City
    Referral code 80WE
  18. Sagus

    Sagus Member

    Server 2

    Referral code: 3sn2b

    Thank you very much!!!
  19. TheEuchre

    TheEuchre New Member

    Dragon Side:::::::Referral::::::::::WKMW::::::Use code for more gems!
  20. justinlotis

    justinlotis Member

    If you do decide to give it a go - use my referral code when you sign up to give both of us 100 gems. this is my referral code 4y09v - you can use this on the sign up page when you download it.[/QUOTE] friend name justinlotis
  21. justinlotis

    justinlotis Member

  22. justinlotis

    justinlotis Member

  23. justinlotis

    justinlotis Member

    im on server 1
    name justinlotis
    code 4y09v
  24. justinlotis

    justinlotis Member

    join me and get 100 gems free
    code: 3udv
    server: 2
  25. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Sorry for late reply...

    Yep still playing - I used to be in the top 100 when it first started but hardly ever touch it now - still fun but it's lost the shine a bit for me.

    You can't add allys still....but very soon we will be able to! PvP starts soon. I'm not sure how to find out your faction though sorry...

    Although it might tell you on the 'Lord' screen?

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