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Pocket Legends down???

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  1. NorthVandea

    NorthVandea Well-Known Member

    Apparently Pockets Legends is at least partially down today. According to their forum the Internet as a whole is experiencing issues today and that is to blame.

    Can anyone use Pocket Legends today?

    Are there any other apps not working due to network connection problems?

    This sounds like a fishy excuse to me, but I'm no expert. Can anyone (with more solid knowledge on the subject than me) either confirm or deny "general problems" with the Internet today?


  2. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    They have a message up saying that their server is down for maintenance.
  3. xxteargodxx

    xxteargodxx Well-Known Member

    Something big happened with Amazon's Cloud Server or whatever they call it and that is the reason Pocket Legends is down. More than likely their server is stored there.

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