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  1. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    I'm so excited that I think I just wet myself! :D

    But Pocketnow dissing on my Inspire, not cool. LOL


    P.S. - AndreaChristiano: Are you sure that your going with the Inspire? I saw that Motorola said that the Atrix will launch that the end of Feb.

    And do you think that this will be a disappointing phone? The Inspire of course. I'm interested in feedback.

  2. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    I am not expert on this but here is how i see it:

    Atrix versus inspire

    Atrix Pros:

    Faster processor/More Ram

    Ability to swap back and forth between lap top mode and phone mode for creating content moving files without having to do a synch/file transfer/side-load type of operation between a PC and phone.

    Lap top port includes an additional battery

    Media Port that includes HDMI output

    Front facing camera

    Larger battery

    Could possibly be more future proof if (and thats a BIG IF), Motorola releases updates in the OS and or tegra II optimizations as they come out.

    Superior gaming and video device (although with a smaller screen thats kinda self-defeating)

    Atrix Cons:


    Comment that it will be bootloader locked and or to "buy elsewhere" by Motorola representative if you don't like that (that combined with blur is a kind of "one-two punch" in the gut for many).

    Smaller screen on phone

    Highly unlikely that Android will be optimized to use the dual-cores much

    Added expense of buying Lap top port and/or multi media port

    Lap top port probably only useful to someone who doesn't already have a lap top or tablet type device (which i suspect is VERY FEW people)

    Probably no HDMi port on phone (not on inspire either).

    Only a 5mp camera versus inspires 8mp

    Brand new device...most likely will be released with a very immature version of blur (as opposed to the inspire which will have a very matured version of sense) - translation, expect it to be buggy (at least at first).
  3. No man I'm sure.

    For one I dont think the actual real world difference in speed will be noticeable.

    two the Inspire is a much nicer looking phone

    three HTC bring the fastest updates beside pure google

    four unless your using the Nvidia games I dont believe the dual core processor will be utilized much if any

    And the BIGGEST plus no LOCKED BOOT!!!!!!! easier to root and you can install full ROMS with no work arounds or any other BS needed.

    Oh and also if you keep it stock SENSE kills MOTOBLUR
    and sense 2.0 with the new features like find my HTC etc etc kill it :D
  4. There are definitely some good points here, but I will say this half of those Atrix pros will never be used by the majority, which in turn becomes a pro for the inspire :)

    Also what I bolded here I completely concur if dual core was what google wanted the Nexus S would have came out that way.
  5. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Added a few points via edit. :D
  6. very cool and very true. The inspire is a jacked up Desire HD which is loved the world over!! The UI is pretty flawless on the Desire so with the added ram its gonna be incredibly fluid. Ya know its funny the Inspire has almost 800MB of ram while the Atrix has 1GB in the real world use that wont even be recognizable
  7. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Regarding Ram.

    My first 'real" windows PC had 64k of ram and a 1.6Ghz hard drive. I think it had 486dx2 intel processor( i think) that ran between 33mhz and 66mhz (no kidding), the 66mhz version was "high end". It was made by Packard Bell and was called the "Microsoft Station" It had every bit of micorsoft software avail pre-installed on it from office, to windows to enclopedia info etc. It cost almost $3,000.00

    If they cant make these phones "awesome" with 1gh processors, 768 to 1g ram and 4g to 32g rom..running LIGHTER operating systems...."sumthins wrong"

    Even with that it would run playstation one level graphics when the voodoo graphics cards came out with a WHOPPING 2-4g of ram (i believe it was) as i used to play tomb raider on it, and it looked better than the same game on the ps1 (although it would lag at times)
  8. I totally get what you are saying, but think of this if you take the second core out of the Atrix it has nothing on the Inspire so the only reason theres all this hype is ...well hype ....first dual core etc etc but as many have stated Android wont be optimized for dual core anytime soon so who really cares. Also the majority of people dont play video games on their phones like a PSP so who needs the dual core again?
  9. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    I was actually sort of agreeing with you...with a little "perspective" circa 1994-1995. Truth be told that thing may have had the first pentium processor in it..i think it was either the 100 or the 133.... woa....

    I actually remember the 33hmz/66mhz/100mhz and 133mhz computers

    Going to go lay down and feel old now...

    No wait...when i was a kid i had an IBM PCjr that ran at

    Wait for it..


  10. hahahahahahahahahaha were not old just perfected like a fine wine lol lol
  11. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Amazon.com has pulled the pages for the Inspire 4G and the Atrix.

    This lends SUPER credibility!!!!!
  12. Yes Yes evil genius mwuwuwuwuwuwhhhhhahahhhaaaa.....

    PS check out the new poll i put up in the Inspire Section
  13. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Well, looks like I have some bargaining power with AT&T. My ETF is so low to buy myself out, I can hang that over their head with a threat to go to Sprint or Verizon.

    It's simple, AT&T. Let me upgrade a few months early, or lose me! ;-)
  14. hopefully they wont call your bluff, but your probably safe up to 6 months before their usually not pains
  15. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Even if they DO call my bluff, I'm getting a new phone in February.
  16. Faramir82

    Faramir82 Active Member

    My contract is up on March 4 so I should be good to go with the upgrade when it's released.
  17. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    Very true. I'm not planning on running Sense at all. I'll root it and ROM it.

    Plus Nvidia is sort of useless at this point in time. I'm sure that the Nvidia games are cool, but I wouldn't be using that technology to its fullest potential.

    I'm definitely getting this on launch day.

  18. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    If your with at&t, you should check if your available for an upgrade. I wasn't due until March, but I've been upgrade ready for a while now.


  19. Well if I was you I would run sense for a bit and see how you feel many HTC modders leave it. You would be surprised
  20. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Well-Known Member

    Yeah, there are some great sense mods.

    I think for me, I'll probably run Sense for a while, then go about modding it, then on to a custom rom, probably cynogen or something along those lines.

  21. Yea probably the way I will roll.
  22. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Being brand new to the Android community, I'll be picking your brains for information on the best hacks and roots an what not. My ultimate goal, as I have stated previously, is to remove all bloat-ware and garbage applications. I only want what I need to run and certain apps that I have on my iPhone (I've already checked, they're available in the Android Marketplace) on the Inspire 4G. Anything non-essential I will remove to streamline the OS.

  23. No problem ask and I will answer the best to my knowledge if not I will find it for you
  24. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Well-Known Member

    Can't wait for this section to go from speculation to nerdery. It's going to be fun. :D

  25. Damn straight

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