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Polaris Office can't open Word doc docx files - Please adviseSupport

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  1. bloodymiko

    bloodymiko New Member


    I just got my SG Note from a local telecom. Hence Polaris Office has been pre-installed in the phablet/smartphone.

    I used PC to transfer various files to Note, however all files were able to open except for one particular file (which happens to be important to me and I have to get it to be able to open as and when i need it...)

    I tried to convert it to doc or docx format but still cant open. If convert to pdf then it is able to open but i still need it to be in word document as i need to edit it as and when.

    When i open this file in pc, no issue.

    Could it be due to the size of the file? This word file is about 70MB.

    Anyone has this problem? Or has anyone open such file of similar size successfully?

    Would appreciate all advices.
    Thanks for taking time to read.

  2. asheary

    asheary New Member

    got the same problem, cannot open received .docx via email on polaris office, all the tying on the flyer is gone except the background colour, please help, thank you.:p
  3. sklcoach

    sklcoach New Member

    I can open .docx files (from Dropbox) on the Note tablet, but NOT password protected files - any suggestions? Thanks.

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