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Polaris Office Spreadsheet ReviewGeneral

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  1. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    The other day, I decided to try out Polaris Office to create a very simple spreadsheet. The sheet consisted of rows for individual items and columns that show unit price, number of units and total price. This is pretty much the simplest spreadsheet you can make.

    I was just so disappointed at the Polaris Office spreadsheet app. First of all, after you type in anything in a cell, you cannot use the <Tab>, <Enter> or arrow keys to advance your cursor to the next cell. You actually have to use the touch screen to select a new cell after you have finished typing. It was just so tedious having to take may fingers off my keyboard to touch the screen. I'm used to Excel my laptop where I can just <Tab> to go to the next cell in the row or <Enter>. I can even use the arrow keys to move to different cells. In Polaris, once you start typing, you have to use the touch screen to select a different cell to move to a different cell.

    Another thing is that the default zoom on the tablet is like 150%. I don't understand why it doesn't default to like 100%. Every time I open my spreadsheet I cannot see all of it. It's not that big either. Just 11 rows. I can't change the default zoom either. It always start at 150%.

    The formulae also do not update on the fly. You have to manually update it. In Excel, the formulae are updated immediately every time you make a change to a cell. This is not that bad. It's just annoying and requires an extra step every time I want to update.

    What I also tried to do is on a cell, do a summation of an entire column. In Excel, I can simply select the entire column and it fills it in. In Polaris, I have to actually select the range of cells. I cannot select the entire column for the summation.

    I do have a keyboard dock and my typing on it is approaching as fast as on a full-size keyboard. With all of the annoyances of Polaris Office and first time using it, the spreadsheet seemed like it took me over twice as long to create. Granted, it took me some time to get used Polaris, but Polaris works pretty much exactly like Excel except for what I mentioned above.

    Perhaps I've been spoiled by Excel. I have in the past used other spreadsheet programs on the PC. Excel is heads and shoulders above anything else in terms of ease of use and presentation/formatting capabilities. Even compared to those other spreadsheet programs I used and those were 15 years old, Polaris Office doesn't measure up in terms of ease of use.

    I am really disappointed in Polaris Office for spreadsheets. I had found my Eee Pad to be a very adequate replacement for my PC for many (although not all) things. Spreadsheet editing just isn't there. I may use it just to view a spreadsheet, but I will use my PC for any non-trivial amount of editing.

  2. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    i completely agree with you there dude, polaris office is ok for note taking on the word front, minor editing on word and excel documents, but creating anything from scratch is a nightmare.

    and yes we have been spoilt by excel, i just wished there was the full blown version of open office available on our tablets, would be soooo much better.

    so till then, im keeping office 2007 on another normal sized laptop :)

    would be interesting if Polaris gets upgraded to a major version....will we get it too?...hmmm...
  3. No_u

    No_u Well-Known Member

    Well Polaris is made by Asus, it's only available on the Transformer as far as I can see. Maybe you can send them some feedback?
  4. partridge

    partridge Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping that with Adobe releasing "made for touch screen" software next month that other software firms will start writing decent software (not apps as such) for tablets.

    I'll gladly pay for something if it does its job well. I do use the Polaris spreadsheet, but only for a very simple sheet. It does have some annoying touches.

    Have you tried Google docs?
  5. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    @ google docs, yeah but i dont know about you guys but on the AEPT it has trouble...i guess what im saying is i wish when in dock mode, i kinda wish i could simply click and drag or r-click for additional features etc, oh well!
  6. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    When transferring my spreadsheet back to my PC, I also exported it to Google Docs. I was not up to trying anything new at the time, but I do plan to try it out some time in the future. I briefly looked at my spreadsheet in Google Docs, but that's about it. It looked weird, but most likely it is due to my intimate familiarity with Excel.

    I think I will try Google Docs out some time in the near future when I finally get the bad taste of Polaris out of my mouth. Google Docs have some high standards to live up to. I've used Excel extensively since the mid 90's and I consider myself a very advanced Excel user. Some of the spreadsheets I have created span multiple worksheets and contain complex formulae and table lookups.
  7. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Regarding the "real software" vs. Apps comment-
    Windows8 calls everything an "App". It is built heavily to work with touchscreen devices. Funny, they're 10years late to the party- my dad had a touchscreen tablet windows machine then but it was super clunky, even with a stylus.
  8. Tonymsm

    Tonymsm New Member

    eddiewawa: PLEASE not 2007 - the ribbon is a disaster! 97-2003 format is fine, and with the up to 2003 pull-down menus you can find what you want faster and do it with less clicks than the ribbon.

    Every new issue = more flash, less bang!
  9. renetrack

    renetrack New Member

    I'm not an Excel expert but I'm very ffluent with spreadsheets. I agree that Polaris is a very simplistic version of a spreadsheet application. At best, a user is able to view a single sheet version an excel document created elsewhere.
    I`l stick with a real spreadsheet data entry device!
  10. cloyd

    cloyd Member

    I really wanted to do some productivity work on my Transformer. Looking at different suites, most of the word processors worked pretty well. The spreadsheets were a different story. I tried several. Finally tried office suite pro 6. It seemed to work better, yet nothing seemed to work like I wanted it to. It wasn't free, but no were near the cost of excell. I can use this. Ultimately, I really want Libre Office for the tablet. It does not exist, so I guess util I can root the machine and run Ubuntu or something similar, for me it will be office pro 6.
  11. helpifIcan

    helpifIcan Well-Known Member

    One to try that is free is Kingsoft office. They have been activly adding features to it on a regular basis. Not perfect yet but improving with every update.

    Get it from the play store.
  12. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I picked up OfficeSuite as it was on sale this past few days for $0.25. It's OK. Still the one thing I find annoying is that I cannot use the tab key to advanced to the next cell on the same row. Enter moves down, but I have to tap the screen to advance to the next cell. That is so annoying. Still for $0.25, it's pretty good.
  13. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    Apparently MS will release an Android version of their Office product. I'm excited about the possibility of having a PC Excel experience on my tablet.
  14. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Yeah but I'm ready to see if win8 will be good on tablets. Asus already has some Transformer types announced. Prices range from $599 (+$199 for dock) up to $1299 (US$).
    Purported ASUS holiday roadmap pegs Windows 8 tablets at $599 and above -- Engadget

    I like that Vivo, myself. The Taichi looks cool in a useless sort of way, and imagine the battery suckage of TWO screens.

    ASUS announces line of Transformer Books, laptops with detachable touchscreens -- Engadget
    this one will be $1399?!?!?!!! Way too much for me.
  15. mdeva

    mdeva Well-Known Member

    Wait. Be careful. Googledocs might be made by Google,a company founded on ONE product and proven to be inept in all other ventures! Look elsewhere.

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