Polaroid PMID4300 Questions?

  1. newdroider2012

    newdroider2012 New Member

    Hi all. I'm pretty new to the android scene, coming over from BlackBerry, and have a few questions. I have had a droid phone for about 5 months now and love it. And yesterday I picked up a Polaroid PMID4300 with OS 2.2.1 on it to use as an MP3 player. My questions are: 1) How can I get Google Play installed on it? and 2) Is there a way to upgrade the OS to at least the 2.3? I have searched every where and found nothing about this mini-tablet and would like at least a little more options on it (ie: Google Play, clocks, et..). Any ideas or thoughts would be extremely helpful.

  2. coolerester

    coolerester New Member

    i am trying to help at friend with her pmid4300. what it is doing is, right when it turns on it says "system uids inconsistent"...then " the application clock has stopped unexpectedly, please try again.." the application launcher has stopped unexpectdely.... can't seem to pass after that. can anyone help me install a fresh andoid os or reset to factory? best case senario root it?? pressing the reset for three mins didn't work.. any help is really appreciated
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