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Polaroid PMID701C

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  1. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    I couldn't find a forum dedicated to this tablet so I thought I'd give the Android fanatics in the Prevail forum (since I own a Prevail) a heads up.

    For those who don't already know, Big Lots recently got a shipment of Polaroid PMID701C 7 inch capacitive display tablets. I've been looking for a decent inexpensive tablet for two years and I finally found one that meets my price/performance ratio.

    No custom ROMS yet but I rooted it with SuperOneClick v.2.3.3 and installed all of the Google Apps (it doesn't ship with Google Play or any other Google apps).

    I'm attaching my post-root screenshot and shots from the box.






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  2. redneckrebel

    redneckrebel Well-Known Member

    Looks awfully thick in the picture on the box.
  3. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    Some comparisons:

    New Galaxy Tab 10.1: 8.6 mm
    IPad 2: 8.8 mm
    Amazon Kindle Fire: 11.4 mm
    Nook Tablet/Nook Color: 12.0 mm
    Polaroid PMID701C: 13.0 mm

    I don't have an exact weight measurement, but it's a little bit heavier than my Kindle Keyboard (old Amazon Kindle 3G). I've already used it for extended periods and for me it feels light.
  4. ratjr15

    ratjr15 Active Member

    Goin 2 pick one up now. Already called.. ty :)
  5. redneckrebel

    redneckrebel Well-Known Member

    That's not as bad as it looks then. been wanting a tablet but really wanting a Kindle Fire with Cyanogenmod

    PRBMAINT Member

    Antiluddite, I am new to the forum and have just bought one of the Polaroids. Would you mind sharing the step by step instructions you used to root your tablet? Thanks
  7. Topken

    Topken Well-Known Member

    Personally I prefer the thicker tablets over the thin ones myself. I have a Nook Tablet running CM7 with a book style case and it is the perfectly thickness for me probably because I am use to holding thick paperback novels. The weight works for me as well.
  8. Tj2169

    Tj2169 Member

    Could this thing run facebook games? What else could it run?
  9. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member


    :cool: Note: This device ships partially rooted. For a full root, follow the procedure below.

    :cool: Second Note: There are other methods to root this device, including manually since it's already almost fully rooted. This is a no-brainer procedure that the less-technically inclined forum denizens can follow without bricking their devices. Having said that, as usual, the >> rooter assumes all risks <<. I've rooted three of these tablets with the below procedure with no issues.

    :cool: Note the Third: I have the Android SDK installed. I don't believe SuperOneClick needs it, but if you get any error messages regarding ADB commands go to Android SDK | Android Developers. Download and install your appropriate package.

    • Go to shortfuse.org and download the latest version of SuperOneClick (I used version 2.3.3).
    • Shut down and remove your SD card from the tablet (if you've added one).
    • Boot up, go to Settings > Applications > Development > and check USB debugging.
    • Attach the tablet to your computer via the USB cable. MAKE SURE THE COMPUTER DETECTS THE DEVICE.
    • You don't need to install communications drivers specific for the manufacturer. SuperOneClick will install a generic driver. Execute SuperOneClick AS AN ADMINISTRATOR ON YOUR BOX.
    • Click the Advanced tab.
    • Click the button Check Drivers.
    • SuperOneClick will detect your device and prompt you to install a generic driver. Confirm this prompt.
    • Click the General tab.
    • Click the Root button.
    • SuperOneClick will begin to analyze the device. It will detect the partial root and state that the device appears to already be rooted. Tell SuperOneClick to continue the process.
    • Rooting is fast, ~ 8 seconds. When it finishes, the utility will ask if you wish to perform a test. Cancel the dialog.
    • Reboot, then open your applications drawer and check for the SuperUser.apk.
    • H@x0r t43 P1@n37

    After rooting, shutdown, replace your SD card (if you have one) and download an appropriate Google Apps package for Android version 2.3. Obviously, I can't post a link for that package here as that would be a TOS violation of the forums and Google would remove me from their Christmas card list.
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    PRBMAINT Member

    Thanks for the instructions!!! I will try this when time permits...
  11. dchamilton

    dchamilton Well-Known Member

    We only have two Biglots locations here in Omaha, Nebraska. I bought the last tablet they had after seeing this thread. I only had time to turn it on and take a quick look and it seems pretty responsive.

    PRBMAINT Member

    I got it rooted fine. I am new to Android and rooting and got a little confused but read and re-read instructions. I saw where I was stumbling and then moved on to root. I have a couple of issues with the "market" install. It is working but not fully correct yet. Since that issue seems to be off limits here I will continue to work on this in due time. Thanks again for the root instructions and the forum in general... PRB
  13. sabercatpuck

    sabercatpuck New Member

    Thanks a bunch Antiluddite, was having real problems finding a driver for debug, and that hit the spot. We do have a great core group working this tablet over on FreakTab.com. Ultimately looking for IceCreamSandwich since there are very similar tablets with it on.

    Oh and DC, I picked up a second one at the 132nd and Center location yesterday (wanted a new one for testing, eventually for my nephew) and as I was leaving the lady told someone to get more out of the back to re-stock the case. Asked her and she said they have plenty of them.
  14. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    Antiluddite and others...

    I came across this forum post the other day and went to Big Lots and purchased one. I've always been skeptical of items they sell, but from what was posted here, it seemed like a decent purchase.

    Well, I bought it today and the screen is so hard to read... Went to the internet and you can barely make out what is on any website. So my question is this... The screen shots you posted... Does it actually look like that on your tablet? Mine doesn't even remotely resemble the imagery on the box itself. Perhaps the video card is messed up.

    Thanks for your responses (in advance).
  15. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    See what I am talking about? It's so distorted and even something funky going on at the far right of the address bar.

    Attached Files:

  16. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Cdhoward. Not sure if the picture you posted is true to what it looks like. If it is then you definitely got a damaged device. That looks like the pixels are all over the place and a lot of blurring.

    If the picture you posted is what it looks like in real life then I'd definitely go in and get a different device as your one is damaged.

    PRBMAINT Member

    Just to confirm, you bought a "new", sealed in the box, PMID701C? I just checked the site you pictured and mine is clear. I haven't used mine too much since purchasing last week. Mine has very good display quality. I have loaded a few pictures to test but have not tried a video yet. I did get it rooted fine as you can see above with the help from Antiluddite. I assume you are running stock operating system; I see no available display setting in stock build. I have not tried any display adjustments, so I am still stock in this area as well. Sounds like you may need to exchange the unit for another...
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  18. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. The picture is pretty close to what it looks like. I'll be going back to Big Lots and getting another one. Even tried playing the video in that picture and it plays with greatly distorted sound and image quality is worse than the website. Tried playing music from the radio app and it does just fine. Tying it all together, it certainly does seem like a video card problem.

    This is my first tablet and first Android as well.

    PRBMAINT Member

    Let us know how this turns out...hope they have more in stock...good luck
  20. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    I bought it today and there was 2 or 3 more there... Hopefully I can get another one... One thing for sure is I will be opening it up in store! lol
  21. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    You've definitely got a bad unit and will need to return it. I purchased three and had to take one back because the wifi receiver wouldn't hold a connection. The replacement works great BTW.

    When you return it, make sure you get an unopened box. The Big Lots employees at my store open the box before they hand it over--I assume--to make sure a unit is inside so the customer can't claim later they were sold an empty box. I saw a couple of open boxes in the display case and was almost given one during my second purchase so defective returns may be finding their way back into the stock.

    On a lighter note, here's a conversation I had with the customer in line behind me:

    :eek: customer
    :cool: me

    :eek: What is that? Some kind of computer?

    :cool: It's an Android tablet.

    :eek: *blank stare*

    :cool: It's basically the same OS that's installed on the majority of mobile phones.

    :eek: You make phone calls with it?

    :cool: No, it's for browsing the web, running applications, reading e-books, etc.

    :eek: *blank stare*

    :cool: It's like a smaller, inexpensive iPad.

    :p Oh! I've heard of those!
  22. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    lmao !!!
  23. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    This one was a sealed package, but will be making sure I have a solid, working unit before I leave Big Lots.

    Funny story, btw! lol
  24. UncleBud

    UncleBud Well-Known Member

    I notice in the specs it lists a video out port, is that hdmi?
  25. cdhoward

    cdhoward Member

    The tv connection is not HDMI. I'm not sure what you would call it, but the port is very much like the headphone jack.

    And a success with the exchange! Only had 1 remaining unit in stock. This screen is much better!

    What are the benefits to rooting? Like I said earlier, this is my first tablet and first android based device. I'm a noob all the way around. lol

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